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As of July 24th, the KAT/BNB trading pair tradeable on Binance DEX, the largest decentralized trading platform in the world! By expanding the Kambria blockchain to include both ERC20 and BEP2 tokens, we achieve increased decentralization and interoperability, taking advantage of the many benefits of utilizing the Binance Chain blockchain. Binance Chain focuses on performance, ease-of-use, and liquidity, allowing Kambria to tap into a global network of developers, enthusiasts, and token holders. 


If you have not yet performed the token swap, we encourage you to do so now. You can find the token bridge at https://token.kambria.io/swap. Benefits of swapping include non-custodial, high liquidity trading, contests, and very secure wallet options. 

For assistance on how to swap your tokens, we have created tutorials on how to create a Binance wallet and how to use the Kambria Token Bridge to swap ERC20 KAT over to Binance Chain’s BEP2 protocol. You will find below our official blog post tutorial, including a detailed video where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and safely perform the token swap.

Official Announcement: https://blog.kambria.io/kambria-token-kat-listed-on-binance-dex

Kambria Token Bridge: http://token.kambria.io/swap

Kambria Token Bridge Tutorial: https://blog.kambria.io/kambria-token-bridge-tutorial/

Binance (BNB) Wallet Creation Tutorial: https://blog.kambria.io/binance-wallet-creation-tutorial/

Video instructions: https://youtu.be/5JjLVycvvQw

Stay tuned as we will be announcing an AMA (ask-me-anything) with Kambria CEO and Co-founder, Thuc Vu, on the official Binance DEX Telegram channel. Join the conversation for a chance to win some newly minted BEP2 KAT!


Kambria Content Challenge

As part of our recent website refresh, both the Kambria website and Kambria Open Innovation Platform will be filled with exciting, new content and we’d love your help creating it! So we’ve developed a fun Content Challenge to reward community members who submit quality articles and then share them on social media to garner views and further sharing. 

The objectives of the Challenge are to build a strong developer community and to boost the development and adoption of advanced technology across industries. Sharing great content will contribute to these goals, and we invite you to join us in achieving them through this Challenge.

We’re Having a Giveaway!

To kick things off, we’re starting with a giveaway! Everyone is encouraged to participate. All you have to do to enter is share the official announcement (links below) on either Twitter or Facebook and tag #KambriaContentChallenge. You will then be entered to win one of 10 Kambria t-shirts! 

Double your chances of winning by sharing on both Facebook and Twitter. Deadline for sharing: 11:59pm PDT August 5th. Winners will be announced on August 6th. 

Facebook official ANN 👉 Share this link!


Twitter official ANN 👉 Share this link!


Content Challenge Prizes

Grand Prize: $200 + 20,000 KAT

Runner-Up: $150 + 15,000 KAT

Please note: even if your article does not win one of our prizes, it may still be eligible for publication on our blog. Any articles of at least 1000 words that our Content Team selects for publication on our blog will receive 15,000 KAT. 

For more details and a full explanation of the Kambria Content Challenge, please click here to go to the bounty page


Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Community Voting Begins!

After weeks of competition, the first three Vietnam AI Grand Challenge hackathons have finished. Click here for hackathon recaps, photos, and more! And follow our Facebook page for even more updates. 

This past week, our community actively participated in the Challenge by casting votes for their favorite teams. Voting was open to anyone through the Kambria Platform Voting Portal and included entry to a free giveaway for participation. The two teams with the most Community Votes and with at least 200 votes will receive free airfare and accommodation to compete in the Grand Finale in Hanoi. Prior to the Grand Finale, teams will be mentored along with the other winners in an incubation program for one month to optimize their ideas. 

Each Kambrian who voted for one of the two teams will be entered into a lottery. From that pool, 60 Kambrians will be randomly chosen to win a free t-shirt if you are outside of Vietnam, or a Highlands Coffee gift voucher valued at 150K VND if you are in Vietnam.



Kambria was recently featured in the DAIA (Decentralized AI Alliance) July newsletter, which highlighted our newly released Kambria Open Innovation Platform. The newsletter also includes top news from some of the most innovative AI blockchain projects in the space. A huge thanks to DAIA for the coverage and connections they provide to top developer talent and a robust AI community. The future is bright when we work together. 


To support our community around platform updates and hackathon participants in their competition, our Content Team has been publishing educational articles and tutorials. 

Confused About The Confusion Matrix? Learn All About It 

Confused About The Confusion Matrix? Learn All About It

The confusion matrix is one of the most powerful tools for predictive analysis in machine learning. A confusion matrix gives you information about how your machine classifier has performed, pitting properly classified examples against misclassified examples. Read more here.

A Quick Dive Into Machine Learning

Quick Dive into Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most influential and rapidly growing fields in all of computer technology. If you’re interested in getting into machine learning, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts relevant to the field, like algorithms, variables, and different types of model analysis. While there is much more to learn than what is covered in this article, this brief crash course in machine learning will provide you with some definitions/intuitions regarding machine learning’s core concepts. Learn more.

Intellectual Property Consideration in Open Systems

Intellectual Property Open Systems

With increasing fervor, companies are changing the way they approach innovation and modifying the way ideas flow into and out of an organization. They are promoting and engaging in collaborative activity because they understand that closed systems are limited. But what are the risks and challenges of open systems? At the top of the list is intellectual property protection. And a close second is IP monetization. Let’s analyze these issues separately and get an overview of the current landscape starting with the promise of open systems. Keep reading here.


As mentioned, please stay tuned for the announcement of our AMA with Thuc Vu on the Binance DEX Telegram channel. This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered about our migration to Binance. 

Of course, if you have any questions or comments for us in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out through one of our Telegram Channels. 

Telegram (ENG): https://t.me/kambriaofficial

Telegram (KOR): https://t.me/KambriaKorea

Telegram (VIE): https://t.me/KambriaVietnam

Telegram (CHN): https://t.me/KambriaChina

Telegram (RUS): https://t.me/KambriaRussian


Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.