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Dear Kambrians,

Today, as we confront the reality of climate change and environmental degradation, with severely impacted habitats, the need for new solutions has never been greater. Our current waste management systems are unable to keep up with increasing demands, resulting in landfill overflows and rising pollution levels. Therefore, we also want to join hands in the journey to tackle these problems through our Smart Recycle DAO - Think Green, Act Smart, Become Environment Keepers, which is a smart trash bin with the goal of raising awareness and encouraging consumers to become Environment Keepers themselves.

In this article, we would like to introduce an overview about this DAO. If this resonates with you, join us to be a part of this social impact.

Co-owning technology via Kambria DAOs

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community using blockchain to facilitate decentralized autonomy. The control is spread out among all community members who use governance tokens to vote on DAO’s rules or changes, voting power is equivalent to the number of tokens they possess. By this we can empower the community with trust, transparency and automation, and enable open-source solutions to be commercialized by their community.

Each Kambria DAO is started by a Dev Team submitting their proposal with a solution of technology they can develop and open for the community to co-own.

Communities collectively buy into the solution by participating in the DAO. Then the Dev Team starts to develop the solution and the development progress will be managed monthly.

The DAO as owners of the solution will decide and contribute to the commercialization of the solution, as well as get paid from their contribution.

Please check this page for a more detailed model and FAQs of Kambria DAOs.

Table of Contents

Why Smart Recycles?

Smart Recycling plays a pivotal role in the journey towards a greener planet. Here are some points that highlight why embracing smart recycling is essential:

Advancing a Circular Economy:

  • Efficient Sorting and Separation: Globally, more than 2 million tons of waste are produced annually. However, even if new methods and approaches are being developed on a regular basis, they are insufficient to handle the world's current waste production rate. As a result, by successfully sorting and separating recyclables, we reduce our reliance on raw materials for manufacturing.
  • Energy and Emission Reduction: Smart recycling minimizes energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with extracting and producing materials. Recycling aluminum cans, for instance, requires 95% less energy compared to producing new ones from raw materials.
  • Closing the Loop: By transforming waste into valuable resources, we contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.  For every ton of paper recycled, we save enough energy to power an average home for 5 months.

Environmental Benefits:

Revolutionizing Waste Management:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Smart solutions improve waste management processes, making them more effective and streamlined.
  • Reduced Overflow: Minimizing waste overflow leads to cleaner environments and better waste handling.
  • Cost-Effective: Smart recycling offers cost savings by optimizing resource utilization. When we recycle one ton of plastic, the reduction in energy consumption translates to a cost savings of approximately $315 per ton of recycled plastic.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Adopting smart recycling practices contributes to a more eco-friendly waste management approach. 
  • Smarter Collection: Leveraging technology for efficient waste collection ensures timely and targeted disposal.

Smart Recycle DAO Solution

Suggested features

Smart Recycle DAO intends to have these innovative features: 

  • The technology solution enhances the intelligence of trash bins with features including:
    • An AI camera for waste classification.
    • An AI voice chat for user guidance and reminders to sort waste correctly.
    • A smart lid that opens only upon correct classification
  • The solution fosters community engagement through gamification, such as:
    • Recording waste classification data in a network of bins 
    • Rewarding the most efficient bin (based on correct classifications and user participation) with sponsorships from environmentally friendly brands.

With the fundamental concept that these smart garbage bins start with awareness education, we would like to emphasize the goal of empowering people to become environmental stewards. As a result, the prospective market includes schools, businesses, public areas, shopping malls, and more.

Some references from current solutions

We can learn from current solutions about the common features, such as:

(Source: Internet)

The Smart Recycle DAO (SRD)

Our approach to build the DAO is to partner with the Dev Teams experienced in R&D this solution, as well as the Service Partners experienced in doing the recycle services:

Phase 1: Develop a smart recycle solution

Phase 2: Commercialize the solution with DAO members in each country, and team up to manufacture and sell products locally, as well as build a global smart recycle network.

Phase 3: Create community movement with SRD Gamification, such as:

  • Reward DAO members with LP tokens for contributions to building the smart recycle network.
  • Reward Environment Keepers  with DAO LP tokens for their active sharing value insights and their stories with the community.

Phase 4: Speed up to increase the network via community: Expand smart recycle network via the community

Partnership invitations

To Dev Teams

If you are experienced in R&D technology solutions for smart recycling or similar solutions, and interested in collaborating with SRD as Dev Team Partner to develop the solution, please submit your proposal by the timeline here to demonstrate how you should be selected to develop this solution. 

The proposal should show:

  • Team profiles and relevant experiences 
  • Development plan until the solution is ready for commercialization. Development progress will be managed monthly as per Kambria DAO model
  • Demonstration works - initial designs, functional flows, demo, prototype… 
  • Quotation

From our fundraising experiences, we updated our qualification criteria to align with expectations of potential investors, including:

  • The teams already have prototypes to prove technical feasibility of your robotics concept 
  • Your development plan is within 6 months to MVP, then the DAO community will join hands to bring it to market 
  • Your quotation (1st product cycle) is up to $150.000, including prototype development work .

Please note that this partnership has the potential for long-term collaboration spanning multiple product cycles, contingent upon the success of each cycle.

To Smart Recycle Service Partners

If you are experienced in doing recycling services, and interested in collaborating with SRD as Smart Recycle Service Partners, we would love to have your participation in the solution development phase, to survey your needs for the solution as well as collaborate to test the solution in the pilot phase.

Then in the commercialization phase, we can collaborate to implement the Smart Recycle Technology solutions.

To Fund contributors

Some financial information we would like to highlight for your reference:

  • The worldwide smart trash market is valued at USD 341.95 Million in 2022. The market is further anticipated to surpass a valuation of USD 1220.67 Million in 2032. This is expected to grow with a CAGR 13.57% in the forecast period.
  • The rising issues of waste management globally accompanied by the progression in smart city development is likely to gain traction of growth for smart trash bins in the forecast period. 
  • In addition, rapid developments in technologies contribute greatly to improving the functionality and convenience of using smart dustbins. The market is expected to grow at a rapid pace with constant developments in technologies; a mounting number of market players are launching unique and efficient trash bins to gain a competitive edge.

With reference to the cost structure of tech companies especially robotics companies, we define the Kambria DAO financial framework as below (for more information about Kambria DAOs financial framework, governance model and fundraising campaigns please read here):

As per Kambria DAOs model, DAO fund contributors purchase DAO LP tokens to become DAO members:

  • All DAO LP token holders can earn revenue sharing in commercialization phase 
  • Members holding 10.000 LP tokens gain access to the solution codebase
  • Members with at least 5% LP tokens will join the DAO Council to vote for DAO decisions.

To Community Partners

Some potential collaborations we would like to propose:

  • Raising public awareness: 
    • Cross-sharing recycled materials will contribute to a sustainable environment and circular economy by classifying, reusing and recycling waste at source among our communities.
    • Co-organizing activities such as Community Recycling Competitions, Trash-to-Treasure Workshops….
  • SRD Hubs: Community Partner will lead the DAO community in your Hub to participate in the solution commercialization and get paid for the Hub’s contribution

 If you have any additional collaboration ideas, please share with us at info@kambria.io

Upcoming events

Join us if this cause resonates with you and you want to be a part of this social impact.

🎬🎬 Please follow the DAO timeline and upcoming milestones here: https://kambria.io/dao/smart-recycle. Don't miss our upcoming event and stay connected with the latest through our active Discord community on Kambria.

If you are interested, please join our Discord community to stay informed about the announcement to be released soon.

Sincerely yours,



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