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Tune in as Dr. Tra Vu and 3rdBlock discuss AI and Robotics on the blockchain Kambria Chief Operations Officer, Dr. Tra Vu, recently went on an in-depth interview with Mathias Adbissa from 3rd Block. The podcast focuses on entrepreneurs building blockchain companies in emerging markets, and has bi-weekly podcasts, discovering new ideas coming out of Latin America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, and Southeast Asia who are building the decentralized web. As many of you know, our culturally…

Tom sits down with Jared Go of Kambria and Ohmni Labs to discuss the future of robotics and how he is leveraging blockchain to decentralize and accelerate robotics development. He poses an alternative architecture through the Kambria platform, which allows developers to receive value capture for the work they contribute. Learn more at ohmnilabs.com & kambria.io. Listen to this episode at the Internet Archive or on Dsound. Full podcast:  https://ia801509.us.archive.org/0/items/CryptoEp3JaredGo/S1E3_Jared_Go_OhmniLabs_Kambria.mp3

We sat down with Dr. Tra Vu, COO of Kambria and engineering professor at NYU, to talk about how to bring AI and robotics to the masses. If that comes true, she points out the broad social impact it would have for disabled children taking classes without physically being at school; seniors connecting with loved ones with the aid of robots; remote workers collaborating with onsite staff; and many other aspects of society. The interview is on…