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Announcement of Model DAO: Tech-powered Elderly Care DAO 📢

We believe in leveraging technology to enrich the lives of seniors, offering them companionship, support, and opportunities for growth. Our innovative approach allows seniors to engage, learn, and explore new skills in a technologically enabled setting like never before. 👵👴💻

✅ Key Features of Our Tech-Powered Elderly Care Solution:

  • Live sessions with youthful companions
  • Skill development opportunities (e.g., knitting, chess, meditation)
  • AI voice assistance for personalized aid
  • Compatibility across various devices
  • Incorporation of Ohmni telepresence robot for enhanced experiences

🔹Why Choose Our Solution?

  • Fosters social interaction, combating isolation
  • Stimulates mental faculties and encourages lifelong learning
  • Seamlessly blends human touch with cutting-edge tech
  • Accommodates diverse family device preferences

🔸Join Us in Making a Difference:

  • Volunteer as a SeniorBuddy and share your expertise
  • Connect your loved ones with our Elderly Care solution
  • Support us as a Fund Contributor to advance our mission
  • Partner with us as a Community or Service Partner

💖 Learn more: https://blog.kambria.io/announcement-of-model-dao-tech-powered-elderly-care-dao/ 

Join us in fostering love across generations with innovative care!  

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Kambria Codebase - From KDNA to NFT approach 🔥

History: In 2019, we introduced KDNA Codebase, linking codebases through KDNA files. These files stored essential info and recognized contributors.

And now, we're thrilled to announce the next evolution: Kambria NFT Codebase!

  • Solution Categories & Releases: Our Codebase spans various technology solutions, from DAOs to challenges. Each solution comprises multiple releases, reflecting different versions and associated metadata.
  • Solution NFT Codebase: Each solution is represented by a unique NFT smart contract, housing metadata for its releases. This innovative approach enhances transparency and accessibility.
  • Solution Access Rights: We're committed to open-source principles while safeguarding access. DAO solutions are accessible to members meeting specific criteria, ensuring the integrity of our ecosystem.
  • NFT Revenue Sharing: Revenue from NFT IP License sales is distributed among various stakeholders, including Dev Partners, DAO members, and the DAO fund. It's a fair and transparent mechanism reflecting our commitment to community-driven innovation.

👉 Discover here: https://blog.kambria.io/kambria-codebase-from-kdna-to-nft-approach/ 

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