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vietnam ai grand challenge hackathon judges holding flowers

With all three preliminary hackathon events now closed, we’d like to congratulate all of the winners from the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge! The events took place across three cities in Vietnam, with a total number of 187 teams registered. Each event was a true display of good sportsmanship, incredibly difficult competition, and uniquely innovative ideas. All of the teams worked diligently for the duration of the 72 hour events, but in the end, it was only a select few who could take home the prizes.

Each team had their moment in front of judges where they would pitch their Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant and demonstrate the capabilities of their product. Armed with all the tools they needed, the teams were able to produce impressive AI-powered designs within the fields of four categories: health, education, retail services, and social issues relating to women and children. We’d like to thank our expert judges, who surely had a difficult time choosing from among so many amazing teams.

This program was organized in conjunction with the Vietnamese government’s Ministry of Science & Technology and the Ministry of Planning & Investment in collaboration with Kambria , McKinsey & Company, VietAI, VnExpress Newspaper, and the Vietnam Innovation Network. Each of the winning teams will move forward to the grand finale which takes place on August 15th where they will have an opportunity to compete for $40,000 in prizes.

The first event of “Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019” hackathon took place on June 28-30 at FPT Polytechnic College (HCMC). Because of the strict requirements outlined at the onset of the competition, no teams were eligible for the first place prize of $4,000. The products did not fully meet the criteria outlined in the rules: business value, creativity, impressive factor, and practical application; however, they were still fantastic!

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge: Ho Chi Minh City

ho chi minh city hackathon winners and judges

Second Place: Team Tobtob – AI Chatbot

Team tobtob

Third Places: Baby Shark – Medical Image Diagnosis Bot, Code for Food – Food Service Assistant

ho chi minh city third place

ho chi minh city hackathon third place winners 2

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge: Danang

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Danang Hackathon All Winners

First Place: Tech Fam – “Smart” Online Shopping Assistant

TeamFam First place winners of Danang VAGC

Second Place: DTU CSE – Retail Shopping Chatbot

Third Places: Father Life – Emotion Recognition AI, Hydra – Healthcare Assistant

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge: Hanoi

First Place: YoungRGD – Educational English Language Assistant

Second Place: Ftech – Retail Shopping AI Assistant

Hanoi Second Place Winners Ftech

Third Place: Bookworm – Virtual AI Sales Assistant, and Voicebot – AI Voice Assistant

Special Runner Up: Antimatlab – Team was specially selected to proceed due to their unique social impact in preventing sexual abuse in Vietnam.

Stay tuned for the mid-August Grand Finale, where the winner of the competition will receive $10,000 USD, 1st runner-up will receive $4,000 USD, and the 2nd runner-up will receive $2,000 USD. In addition to the opportunity to receive prizes with a total value of up to $40,000, participating teams will also be connected to large corporations who can promote the development of the project, creating a global impact, and propelling their ideas forward.

For more information, photos, and updates, please visit our Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Event Page on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter!


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