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KAMBRIA - This article presents our 2023 Year In Review - Implementing Kambria DAOs model and Expanding network; and 2024 Roadmap - Daily-life DAOs and the Model DAO.

Kambria 2023 Year In Review and 2024 Roadmap

Dear Kambria community, 

As we approach the close of 2023, let's reflect on our journey this year and unravel the aspirations for the upcoming year, 2024.

2023 Year In Review - Implementing Kambria DAOs model and Expanding network

Implement Kambria DAOs model

Develop smart contracts to tailor the designs of Kambria DAOs model

In 2022, Kambria introduced Kambria DAOs initiative in June and an overview of our approach to implement Kambria DAOs on XDAO in September.

After that in 2023, we introduced more detailed designs of Kambria DAOs model, with some highlights such as:

  • NFT IPs of Technology solutions in Kambria DAOs: The codebase of the solution is tokenized into NFTs. Manufacturers can purchase these NFTs to become Production Partners of the DAOs, granting them a license for technology transfer to manufacture the DAO products  in their localities or countries. The Codebase portal is available on Kambria platform, accessible to DAO members holding at least 10,000 LPs. 
  • How to become a DAO Council member by being active in the DAO?: This is to refine the concept that among DAO members who hold LP tokens, the top fund contributors and most active members will join the DAO Council to make decisions for the DAO.

And during 2023, Kambria team has been working on developing the Codebase portal and smart contracts to integrate to XDAO to tailor these designs of Kambria DAOs model and enable transparency in DAO transactions.

Learn and improve through the launch of 2 robotics DAOs

This June and July, the Launch events of Pet Care Robot DAO and Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO took place with the proposal presentation from Dev Teams and evaluation from the Judge Committee. You can read more about these events in the recaps below:

After that, Kambria team started reaching out to investors with an invitation to join our social impact journey.

From meetings with potential investors in the last few months, we learned that they are not ready to invest yet although interested in the DAOs - mainly because of the present economic scenario and the lack of prototypes / MVPs (minimum viable product) for technology solutions of the DAOs. 

Kambria team is working further to get ready for the right timing. Besides, from the feedback of potential investors, we improved qualification criteria to prioritize solution proposals which already have prototypes and can develop MVP within 6 months.

Expanding network

Outreach campaigns

In the latter half of 2023, Kambria team focused on outreach and marketing efforts to globally promote awareness of Kambria DAOs initiative.

We have directly reached out to thousands of investors, deep tech developers and experts… We appreciate this chance for us to expand our network, and will continue to broaden connections with those who share our visions and values.

Open Tech For Future Society

In addition to inviting Dev Teams to submit proposals for the current DAOs with predefined robotics solutions, the Open Tech For Future Society initiative welcomes proposals for new DAOs with solutions in deep tech verticals that they are working on R&D and want the community to join hands with. 

The most promising solutions will be nurtured within new DAOs designed specifically for their development.

With this program, we are broadening our network to include not only robotics teams but also developers in other deep tech fields such as AI, IoT, AR/VR, blockchain, and more. This way, Kambria DAOs will encompass a diverse range of technology solutions across different verticals.

Social Impact Innovation Alliance

And as of now we are reaching out to other communities to invite partnerships in Kambria DAOs, we are grateful to have chances to connect with many inspiring projects and teams. 

So we came up with the idea to call for tech communities to come together in a Social Impact Innovation Alliance, the joined forces of visionary projects and organizations dedicated to harnessing the power of innovation for positive social change.

We are reaching 10 member projects and planning to kick-start our first activity early next year.

Choosing a sustainable approach to build tokenomics

From May 2023, KAT BEP20 is listed on ProBit Global, with arrangements for ongoing KAT BEP20 migration and conversion as announced here. And the token statistics have been updated on our Tokenomics page.

Last month in November, we encountered the delist situation with KuCoin, and moved the home for KAT ERC20 to ProBit.

Through all the ups and downs, we are steadfast in the choice of building Kambria tokenomics in a sustainable way. That direction will take more time but our successes will endure. 

So we noted community suggestions such as KAT BEP20 to ERC20 conversion, DEX for KAT BEP20, as well as listing KAT on other exchanges… We will consider them at the right time. Right now our Top goals are: 

1) Build a Model DAO to showcase what we have been developing, with the goal for this DAO to enter the commercialization phase in 2024, where KAT’s roles are enacted in Kambria DAOs transactions. KAT will have sustainable value by its real businesses.

2) Strengthen KAT liquidity and trading volume on ProBit.

2024 Roadmap - Daily-life DAOs and the Model DAO

Daily-life DAOs

Next year, we will focus on building a Model DAO to showcase what we have been developing, with the goal for this DAO to enter the commercialization phase in 2024, where KAT’s roles are enacted in Kambria DAOs transactions.

In the Model DAO, besides playing the role of Organizer, Kambria will play the lead role in solution development and commercialization as a demonstration.

After that, we can aim to have 2-3 more DAOs to enter the commercialization phase in 2024-2025.

These DAOs will be in the verticals of AI, IoT, blockchain and AR/VR, with products and services close to our daily lives, so that everyone can participate in the DAO communities.

KAT holders will have privileges in Kambria DAOs such as good discounts on DAO products and services. They can also earn profits from reselling these products and becoming DAO Channel Partners in their localities or countries.

The Model DAO “Tech-powered Elderly Care DAO”

We will provide a more detailed introduction about this Model DAO in the upcoming announcement next month. Here is a brief overview:

  • The technology solution of this DAO caters to seniors’ need for companionship, combined with learning and experiencing certain skills (for example, knitting, playing chess, meditation, drawing, etc.).
  • By connecting them in online, real-time sessions with young persons who can guide a skill, and are open to sharing and chatting with them during that session.
  • The solution is based on Ohmni telepresence robot in which young people call the robot to move around and observe seniors practicing skills, provide instructions, and engage in conversations. 
  • The application can be deployed across various devices, allowing families to use phones, tablets or other home devices instead of purchasing robots, although this alternative may provide a less convenient user experience.
  • Additionally, the solution incorporates AI voice assistance to support the seniors in using the solution by Q&As or executing their commands. AI recommendations are also integrated to suggest suitable sessions for the seniors. 
  • The potential market includes families who can purchase robots and solution subscriptions for seniors to connect, learn, and experience. Young people can participate as volunteers or receive payment for tutoring.

With this Model DAO, our connection with OhmniLabs is a leverage for us to shorten the development time.

The concept of integrating both human interaction and AI in the solution illustrates how technology can enhance human interactions rather than replace them.

Home Garden Tech DAO - Smart Recycle DAO - Community-based Tech Learning DAO

Besides the Model DAO, in 2024 we will introduce 3 more DAOs in which we will invite the developer community to join as Dev Partners. 

Let’s take a look at a brief overview of them.

Home Garden Tech DAO

  • The technology solution entails an IoT kit designed for the upkeep of home gardens, offering features such as automated watering for when you're traveling. 
  • Additionally, the solution creates a map of home gardens in the network, promoting the goal of “greening the earth”.
  • The solution integrates AI-driven image recognition, allowing users to learn about plants, their names and their characteristics etc.
  • Users can also join the community to share their experiences, reviews and photos.

Smart Recycle DAO

  • The technology solution enhances the intelligence of trash bins with features including an AI camera for waste classification, an AI voice chat for user guidance and reminders to sort waste correctly, and a lid that opens only upon correct classification. 
  • The solution fosters community engagement through gamification, recording waste classification data in a network of bins and rewarding the most efficient bin (based on correct classifications and user participation) with sponsorships from environmentally friendly brands. 
  • With the underlying concept that these smart trash bins start with awareness education, we would like to emphasize the goal of empowering users to become the Environment Keepers themselves.
  • The potential market encompasses schools, companies, public spaces, malls, and more.

Community-based Tech Learning DAO

  • The technology solution includes STEM kits and robotics learning kits designed for adults, fostering a community of learners engaged in hands-on projects and educators dedicated to mentoring.
  • The potential market encompasses kit sales / subscriptions for learners and earnings for educators through mentoring sessions.
  • We envision this as the future of education with a greater emphasis on community-based learning.

We are thrilled to witness the community participating in these DAOs, integrating DAO solutions into our daily lives, and, as a result, generating positive impacts on society, our families, and ourselves.

Meet us at our Discord community, or contact us via info@kambria.io

Faithfully yours,



Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributes more to society.