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Dear Kambria community,

As we are coming to the end of 2021, it’s time for us to review our journey this year and plan for the next.

2021 Year In Review – “Complete Open Innovation Model”

Over the past time, Kambria has been focusing on project development, to find a sustainable business model. We have gradually explored and experimented with different development directions to find a suitable direction that could be scaled up. 

2021 has marked the completion of our model building phase, with the roll out of new programs as following:

March, 2021 – Kambria Online Hackathon I

Kambria Online Hackathon was an initiative to:

  • Develop the open innovation model to connect corporates that need to research and develop deeptech solutions with developers 
  • Develop the format to improve the quality of the results (PoC, MVP) by a development phase of 3 months instead of 2 days in traditional hackathons
  • Bring Kambria bounties from offline to online to prepare for the Global scaling phase

From KO Hackathon I to KO Hackathon II, we have had the opportunity to build trusted partnerships with FPT Software, Audacity, Oraichain, KK Fund… and grow our developer community to add more than 2000 developers.

May, 2021 – Project Portfolio Program Launch

Kambria Project Portfolio aims to evolve into a repository of technology information, listing deep tech projects to help you and your team achieve your dream either it is:

  • To stay connected with investors through Kambria’s network
  • To get recruited by large corporations in case you want to deep dive in the area of your project
  • And to find your product market fit by helping commercialize your project

Up to now, we have more than 20 projects listed in the categories of AI, Robotics, Blockchain/Crypto. New projects will be continuously introduced every month. 

To register to Kambria Project Portfolio please click and fill out this form.

July, 2021 – Kambria EduKATion – Knowledge Base Launch

With Kambria Knowledge Base, we aim to make specialized knowledge more accessible to a broader audience. All Kambria Knowledge Base content will be formatted into short video clips called “Kambria Knowledge Base EdVids” (from 5 – 20 minutes) covering different frontier technology categories.

You can subscribe by category here. New EdVids will be continuously introduced every month. 

Or if you enjoy sharing knowledge, welcome to be our Content partner! Please start with providing your information via this form and we will connect.

September, 2021 – NFT IP Program LaunchToken Plan

Kambria NFT IP Program enables innovators to license, monetize and protect their intellectual properties. 

You can join this Program with us as Innovators, Solution Seekers or Referral Partners.

Our NFT IP Marketplace will be facilitated by Kambria tokens which are consolidated to 2 types: KAT ERC20 and KYTE BSC. 

In general, Kambria tokens are necessary for interactions in the ecosystem: 

  • Solution seekers: issue and award deep tech challenges, buy NFT IP licenses 
  • Innovators: earn tokens for developing deep tech solutions and licensing IPs 
  • Manufacturers: earn tokens through hardware production 
  • Community members: earn tokens by participating in DeFi activities or technology promotion work (referral, review, knowledge sharing, data contribution); use tokens to purchase products or fundraise technologies…

November, 2021 – Community Monthly Contest “Technology review”

Each month the contest will highlight a technology which the participants will make a review video or blog article or an infographic to share their understanding of the concept and impact of that technology. 

Winning videos/articles/infographics will be published on Kambria Youtube / Blog, and the best videos will be invited to commercialize via our Knowledge Base program.

The technologies to be highlighted in the Monthly contests will be related to those in Kambria NFT IP Program, so that participants could also use their videos/blog articles for their referral campaigns.

We are very pleased to see this activity has breathed fresh air, brought useful exchanges and friendly interactions to the community.

November, 2021 – Kambria Token Swap Bridges Open

With the KYTE launch in April, Kambria tokens are consolidated to 2 types: KAT ERC20 and KYTE BSC.


Aiming to keep the bridges open with a regular timeline so that our community can be more proactive in participation, we open the bridges every quarter. For more details please check this announcement.

Although KYTE could not be swapped to KAT via these bridges, we have the Swap Reward Program. For those who are interested in swapping your KYTE to KAT, check out this program. We will run limited swap back campaigns as a Reward Program for KYTE holders.

January – February, 2022 – Starter Program Launch with Kambria Challenge “NFT IP Marketplace”

Starter Program is the upgraded version of Kambria Online Hackathon, to play the role of a starter in the open innovation chain of Kambria:

  • Connecting corporates and developers to develop solutions via Starter Program
  • Listing projects in Project Portfolio for collaboration opportunities for further development
  • Connecting innovators to solution commercialization opportunities via NFT IP Program

The Starter Program will be opened each quarter for a new batch of Challenges. Collaborate with us if you are looking for a deeptech solution for your business.

In the opening Starter Program I, we are excited to introduce 2 Challenges:

  1. NFT IP Marketplace from Kambria: As an Open Innovation platform, Kambria will build our NFT IP Marketplace by offering a Challenge for development teams in the community to implement and awarding the teams with the best solutions.
  2. Empathetic Experiences in AR/VR from Unius: With this inspiring Challenge, Unius aims to build virtual experiences in AR/VR with 3 metaverse application options that teams can choose from, including Virtual Tourism in the Age of Covid-19, Nature Conservation and Fight against Climate Change.

2022 Roadmap – “Global and Vertical Scaling”

In the next phase, we will scale our ecosystem by building open innovation hubs from country to country, adding new verticals, and strengthening our tokenomics. 

Global scaling

Some initiatives we are excited to kick start in 2022:

  • Asia Robotics Challenge series in collaboration with Audacity, the brainchild of two like-minded individuals: Mr. Ng Lang, former CEO of Singapore’s industrial master planner and developer JTC, and Mr. Taizo Son, renowned entrepreneur and CEO of social impact collective Mistletoe
  • AR/VR Challenge in collaboration with Unius, and many more Challenges in collaboration with Challenge Sponsors from different countries…
  • Calling for Innovators from around the world to participate in our Starter Program, NFT IP Program, Project Portfolio and Knowledge Base.
  • Expand our marketing efforts to corresponding countries.

Vertical scaling

Up to now our programs focus on the three verticals: AI, Robotics and Blockchain.

In 2022, besides continuing to nurture these verticals, we will expand to IoT and AR/VR, to help connect projects and solutions in these technologies with our network.

Strengthening our tokenomics

An important initiative that we are working on is the facilitation of Kambria tokens in the NFT IP Marketplace.

Kambria NFT IP Marketplace is aimed to launch in Q3/2022 with key features as follows:

  • 1 NFT IP will package a technology solution( including introduction deck, demo video, source code, and technical document) or an AI/ML training dataset (multi-format data files).
  • Allows creating multiple NFTs for 1 IP corresponding to the number of licenses granted.
  • Allow transactions with KAT ERC20 or KYTE BSC.
  • Referral feature to allow users to refer buyers and earn a commission.
  • Revenue sharing between partners: Innovators, Kambria, Challenge sponsors, Referral partners.
  • In particular, since Kambria’s Open Innovation model aims to maximize reusability and collaboration during development, Licensee can also license derivative works through the Program if their added value is significant (more than 50%), thus becoming a secondary Licensor. When the Derivative License is sold, the royalties will be divided equally among all Innovators whose IPs are inherited directly or indirectly.

Last but not least, our journey is a marathon with a lot of ups and downs, and we are truly grateful for the support from YOU, Kambria dear community.

Thank you for being with us, and looking forward to our next milestones!

Sincerely yours,



Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.

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