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Kambria is announcing our partnership with KK Fund!

KK Fund is a venture capital firm based in Singapore focused on early-stage internet and mobile startups across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan with 20+ companies in their portfolio, and now expanding to South Korea. 

Their partners, Koichi Saito and Kuan Hsu have been working for years in investment, leveraging their experience in the internet sector, finance expertise, electronics manufacturing at PE and VC funds in Singapore, Japan, China, and US. 

Together, they have created and operated KK Fund in a very strong, agile and proactive style, proven by an impressive track record of global popular startup investments and exits like Bukalapak, Luxola, Kudo, iMoney, Pie, Pricearea, Urban Indo. In Vietnam, KK Fund is one of the top 50 active investors (ranked by Tech in Asia) and plays a crucial role in terms of capital funding and business mentoring for potential companies such as: JobHopIn, Med247, Clavis Aurea,…

KK Fund and Kambria will be exploring potential collaborations such as: participating in each other’s programs, events and co-branding activities; providing expertise services as well as seed investment opportunities for the community.

From Kambria’s perspective, this partnership is highly appreciated for its goal to support early-stage startups with business mentoring, coaching and seed funding opportunities.

We are also honored to introduce KK Fund in Kambria’s Strategic Partners list as one of the pioneers, provide one step further for not only our Partners but also Kambria’s community: developers, investors, corporations, stakeholders… to stay connected, dive deeper into project development, find product-market fit and interesting opportunities for investment and commercialization.

To learn more about KK Fund, please visit their website:https://kkfund.co/  

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Kambria is an open innovation platform that enables and incentivizes collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization of advanced technology. With Kambria, we are changing the dynamics of innovation through collaboration and an open platform, where developing strong communities is a key component.

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