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Kambria Project Portfolio is calling for projects about deep technology

To all the teams who have taken part in our activities before,
This is your chance to be featured on Kambria’s platform in order to get recognized in our network
Kambria would like  to shout out to all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Our latest program – Kambria Project Portfolio, which aims to evolve into a repository of technology information, is dedicated to all Kambrians who have taken part in our previous activities.
Your team will become our honorary members, with your project and more importantly your progress’s update listed on Kambria’s platform.

What you’ll get by joining Kambria Project Portfolio

Joining Kambria Project Portfolio is one step further to get to the goals you and your team are searching for either it is:

  • To stay connected with investors through Kambria’s network
  • To get recruited by large corporations in case you want to deep dive in the area of your project
  • And to find your product market fit by helping commercialize your project
Don’t forget to register to Kambria Project Portfolio and follow the journey of teams of developers, who have been dedicating to solving today’s real world problems.

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