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Kambria is pleased to announce the launch of NFT IP Program, an important step in our Open Innovation model.

(For more information on Kambria’s Open Innovation model please visit our homepage kambria.io updated September 2021)

Kambria NFT IP Program enables innovators to license, monetize and protect their intellectual properties.

Powered by NFT (non-fungible token), this Program will provide greater transparency and liquidity as well as maximize patent utility as a business asset. By tokenization, innovators’ IPs would be more cost-efficient to license, and most importantly it allows them to control their work and get properly paid.

As we have invited before, join this Program with us as an Innovator if you have a concrete solution in Deeptech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…) at maturity or PoC/MVP stages, and are looking for more opportunities in the tokenization ecosystem to commercialize your solution, as well as upsell/cross-sell other solutions or to test the market. Besides, the Data category is for Data contributors who have a dataset for AI/ML training and want to license it via Kambria NFT IP Program.

On the occasion of our NFT IP Program Launch, we would like to open with the first 3 NFTs incubated from Kambria’s own programs:

Hopefully, this is a clear demonstration to help you understand more about this Program’s purposes and how it works.

During the pre-launch period, we received a positive response from the Innovators to become our first partners for the Pilot phase. Kambria would like to thank you and introduce the following…

Program Pilot on Mintable 

For the pilot phase, our goal is to improve and add the finishing touches to this Program in terms of models as well as implementation process, in order to build an NFT IP marketplace on Kambria platform after the Pilot.

During this phase, Kambria NFT IP Program will be deployed on Mintable.

We invite our dear community members to join us in spreading and connecting with Solution Seekers, through the Referral campaign as follows…

Invitation to participate in Referral campaign 

We will notify the community every time a new NFT IP joins the Program. Please share that information with potential Solution Seekers, and introduce us to interested parties, you will receive a referral commission of 2% for each successful connection.

During the pilot, you can refer via email, sending to the Solution Seekers you want to introduce as well as to us via bounty@kambria.io. We will inform and assist them with the trading process, confirm via email when the transaction is successful, and pay your referral bonus.

In the future with the NFT IP Marketplace on Kambria platform, referrals will be performed automatically for the convenience of the parties.

Sign up for our Referral campaign here NFT IP Program – Referral partner signup form 

Kambria NFT IP Marketplace: Challenge released Q4/2021 – Launch Q2/2022

As an Open Innovation platform, Kambria will build our NFT IP Marketplace by offering a Challenge for development teams in the community to implement and awarding the teams with the best solutions.

The topic will be announced in detail when the Challenge is released, at this moment we would like to reveal some key ideas about Kambria NFT IP Marketplace as follows:

– 1 NFT IP will package a technology solution( including introduction deck, demo video, source code, and technical document) or an AI/ML training dataset (multi-format data files).

– Allows creating multiple NFTs for 1 IP corresponding to the number of licenses granted.

– Allow transactions on BSC or Polygon with KAT/KYTE payment.

– Referral feature to allow users to refer buyers and earn a commission.

– Revenue sharing between partners: Innovators, Kambria, Challenge sponsors, Referral partners.

In particular, since Kambria’s Open Innovation model aims to maximize reusability and collaboration during development, Licensee can also license derivative works through the Program if the added value is significant (more than 50%), thus becoming a secondary Licensor. When the Derivative License is sold, the 8% royalties will be divided equally among all Innovators whose IPs are inherited directly or indirectly.

Visit our Kambria NFT IP Program here https://kambria.io/nft-ip/

Join Kambria to develop Open Innovation and shape the future of technology.

Let’s create a world together where technology is open and contributing more to society!

Sincerely yours,



A community person who is passionate about new technology adoption.