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Coming closer to the vision of democratizing technology ownership and accelerating innovations

As you may already know, Kambria’s mission from the very beginning is to democratize and decentralize the ownership, development, and commercialization of technologies, as a way to solve the waste & inefficiencies in today’s innovation model.

Blockchain applications like NFT help us with the first step to representing technology IPs in the digital world. And now, we are taking the next step by adopting DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as a way for the community to co-own a technology. In this announcement, let us share with you an overview of the Kambria DAO model and a plan to pilot the first DAOs.

Kambria DAO model – How it works

1. Solution Proposal

A developer team or a tech corp (Dev Team) submits their proposal to Kambria with a solution of technology they can develop and open for the community to co-own. For example, OhmniLabs with a solution of robot for pet care, robot for agriculture, or robot for extreme environments…

Or the community can create the proposal themselves. For example, a group or anyone generates ideas and community upvotes. Once a proposal is selected, the community will recruit a Dev Team to develop the solution. 

2. Solution DAO

2a. Development

After reviewing and qualifying, Kambria opens a DAO for the proposed solution. The community collectively buys into the solution by participating in the DAO. Once the DAO receives enough money, Dev Team starts to develop the solution.

The development progress will be managed monthly. At the end of each month, the Dev Team submits the release and presents their report. Their work will be reviewed and approved by a Judge Committee of DAO representatives and Guest Technical experts. Then the development fund will be distributed to the Dev Team accordingly. 

2b. Commercialization

The DAO as collective owners of the solution will:

  • Decide and contribute to the commercialization of the solution. For example, the DAO votes to manufacture the robots, run a service of robotics pet care, to license the solution IP… Then DAO members will collaborate on the service implementation.
  • Get paid for their contribution to solution commercialization. For example, service revenues will be distributed to members implementing the service and fund contributors.
2c. Initial capital and Revenue sharing

Initial capital (fund contributed by DAO members) will be allocated for:

  • Solution development – 55%: Specific amount is according to the proposal of Dev Team. Payouts are processed as mentioned in section 2a.
  • Solution commercialization – 30%: The marketing and business development works in the pre-revenue stage. The DAO can decide to outsource these works to external services, or DAO members can bid to do the promotion services as contractors. Payouts are processed following the service terms.
  • DAO organizing – 15%: Kambria will play the role of Organizer to support the DAO interactions with platform, ecosystem, consulting, and coordinating efforts. Payouts are processed by milestones corresponding to payouts for Dev Team.

Revenues from solution services or solution licensing will be allocated for:

  • Service implementation – 70%: The works to implement the services to customers. DAO can decide to outsource to external workers, or DAO members can bid to do the jobs as contractors. Estimated to take 70% of the revenues.
  • Revenue sharing to DAO fund contributors – 30%: Fund contributors will have DAO LP tokens in proportion to their fund contribution. Kambria DAO LP tokens are Revenue Sharing Token which will bring more benefits for DAO members due to 1) the clear relationship between DAO’s commercial success and the token value, 2) pre-defined income stream to token holders in the sense that token holders will be rewarded instantly at the time of recording revenues.

Kambria DAO transactions will be conducted by KAT / KYTE BSC. We will update our token plan accordingly in the DAO pilot.

Piloting the first 2 Kambria DAOs

In this announcement, we would like to share with you our directions for the pilot, we will follow up with more discussions on our Discord channel.

1. Technology Solutions 

The 1st DAO will be the case of a Dev Team submitting the proposal. And the 2nd DAO is the case of the Community creating the proposal.

With many things to learn and improve in the pilot, for the 1st DAO, obviously, we would like to choose our trusted partner – OhmniLabs – to be the Dev Team. And the technology solution OhmniLabs is proposing for this pilot is “Pet Care Robot”, which we think would be lovely, and fun and create kindhearted bonding in the DAO community.

For the 2nd DAO, we will start with the ideation phase. Kambria will play the Organizer role and create a Discord channel for community discussion.

2. DAO builder platform

We will organize our first DAOs in this pilot on the XDAO platform, which supports different blockchains. The DAOs will be on ETH or BSC to follow the direction of Kambria tokens.

3. DAO Discord channels

If you are interested in participating in these DAOs, please join our Discord community with these channels: 

  • #kambria-daos: for questions and feedback about the DAO model. Please also check our FAQs here for more information, and share your questions/ feedback to help us improve. 
  • DAO #1 – PET CARE ROBOT: We are starting with a survey of community ideas for the Pet Care robot, so that the Dev Team can refer to make the best proposal. How do you want the robot to help care for your pets? 
  • DAO #2 – COMMUNITY SOLUTION: We are starting with a survey of community ideas for a solution they want to develop and commercialize. Which solution do you think our community can collaborate to bring to society?

Welcome to take part in Kambria DAOs to co-own technologies!


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Watch DAOs explainer video to know more!





Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.