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KAMBRIA - An introduction of Kambria Tech-powered Elderly Care DAO as a Model DAO, with elderly care insights, solution development and commercialization, DAO governance, timeline, and partnership invitations. 

TECD announcement

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During 2023, Kambria team has developed smart contracts to integrate to XDAO to tailor the design of Kambria DAOs model and enable transparency in DAO transactions.

Next step, we will focus on building a Model DAO to showcase what we have been developing, with the goal for this DAO to enter the commercialization phase in 2024, where KAT’s roles are enacted in Kambria DAOs transactions:

  • Community members can use KAT or USDT to purchase DAO LP tokens and become DAO members.
  • Community members can use KAT or USDT to purchase DAO products or membership.
  • Payments for Dev Partners and other partners for the work in the DAO are in KAT and USDT.

In the Model DAO, besides playing the role of Organizer, Kambria will play the lead role in solution development and commercialization as a demonstration.

After that, we can aim to have 2-3 more DAOs to enter the commercialization phase in 2024-2025.

These DAOs will be in the verticals of AI, IoT, blockchain and AR/VR, with products and services close to our daily lives, so that everyone can participate in the DAO communities.

Tech-powered Elderly Care - Solution overview

  • The technology solution of this DAO caters to seniors’ need for companionship, combined with learning and experiencing certain subjects (for example, knitting, playing chess, meditation, drawing, etc.).
  • By connecting them in online, real-time sessions with young persons who can guide a subject, and are open to sharing and chatting with them during that session.
  • The solution is based on Ohmni telepresence robot in which young people call the robot to move around and observe seniors practicing, provide instructions, and engage in conversations. 
  • The application can be deployed across various devices, allowing families to use phones, tablets or other home devices instead of purchasing robots, although this alternative may provide a less convenient user experience.
  • Additionally, the solution incorporates AI voice assistance to support the seniors in using the solution by Q&As or executing their commands. AI recommendations are also integrated to suggest suitable sessions for the seniors. 
  • The potential market includes families who can purchase robots and solution subscriptions for seniors to connect, learn, and experience. Young people can participate as volunteers or receive payment for tutoring.
  • In the next phase, the solution will expand to a two-way platform: Seniors can initiate connection sessions to share their life experiences with young people. Both seniors and young people can receive compensation for sharing their knowledge and experiences, and they can also participate in each other's sessions. We believe the Elderly Care solution will be more comprehensive when the intergenerational connection becomes mutually supportive.
The concept of integrating both human interaction and AI in the solution illustrates how technology can enhance human interactions rather than replace them.

Why Tech-powered Elderly Care solution?

Elderly care solutions play a crucial role in addressing the needs of the aging population and ensuring their well-being. Here are some points and statistics that highlight the importance of elderly care solutions:

  1. Global Aging Population: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global population aged 60 years and older is expected to more than double by 2050, reaching nearly 2.1 billion.
  2. Increased Life Expectancy: Advances in healthcare and living conditions have contributed to increased life expectancy. As people live longer, there is a growing need for effective elderly care solutions to support their health and quality of life.
  3. Social Isolation: Aging individuals may face social isolation due to factors such as mobility limitations and the loss of friends and family. Elderly care solutions, including community programs and social activities, can help address this issue.
  4. Quality of Life: Elderly care solutions contribute to maintaining and improving the quality of life for seniors. This includes physical health, mental well-being, social engagement, and access to recreational activities.
  5. Healthcare Costs: Aging is often associated with a higher prevalence of chronic conditions and healthcare needs. The demand for elderly care solutions is driven by the need to manage and reduce healthcare costs associated with the aging population.
  6. Preventive Care: Proactive and preventive elderly care solutions can contribute to reducing the burden on healthcare systems by addressing health issues before they become more severe, ultimately improving the overall health of seniors.
  7. Caregiver Burnout: Family members often take on the role of caregivers for aging relatives. The demand for formal elderly care solutions arises from the risk of caregiver burnout as the responsibilities can be physically and emotionally demanding.
  8. Family Dynamics and Changing Lifestyles: Changing family structures and lifestyles, with more individuals living away from their aging parents, create a need for external elderly care services to provide support and assistance.
  9. Policy and Legislation: Governments worldwide are recognizing the importance of elderly care solutions and are implementing policies and legislation to ensure the well-being of the aging population. This includes funding for senior care programs and initiatives.

Solution development

DAO Dev Partner

In the Model DAO, Kambria will play the role of DAO Dev Partner, following Kambria DAOs model:

  • Dev Team presents proposal with prototype ready for the Judge Committee to evaluate 
  • Upon passing the evaluation, Dev Team becomes DAO Dev Partner to develop complete solution
  • And the DAO fundraising starts for the first product cycle

MVP features

We have set a goal to complete the MVP by June 2024, which includes experimentation. The MVP will encompass the following features:

  1. Session Posting: SeniorBuddies can post open sessions, specifying the time and topic.
  2. Session Booking: Seniors can browse open sessions and make bookings.
  3. AI Voice Assistance: The MVP will incorporate AI voice assistance to support the seniors in using the solution by Q&As or executing their commands. The initial training language for AI models in the MVP stage is Vietnamese. Subsequently, we will extend support to English and later other languages, considering the diverse native languages spoken by most seniors.
  4. Payment Transactions: The application will support various payment transactions, including payments for subscription plans, revenue sharing to DAO members, and payments to SeniorBuddies.
  5. Hardware Integration: The MVP will be compatible with common home devices such as phones, tablets or laptops. Subsequently, we will extend integration with Ohmni robots, providing users with a variety of options for utilizing the solution.

MVP experimentation

Throughout the MVP development phase, we plan to conduct an experiment by inviting a cohort of Seniors and a group of SeniorBuddies to actively test the solution. This will involve creating sample calls and collecting valuable feedback to enhance the overall user experience.

Solution commercialization

DAO Community Partner (DAO Hub)

In accordance with the Kambria DAOs model, the Community Partner leads the DAO community in their Hub, actively participating in the solution commercialization and receiving compensation for their Hub’s contributions.

Within the Model DAO, Kambria will play the role of DAO Community Partner (DAO Hub), with specific works including:

  • Launching promotional campaigns in their local area.
  • Managing sales orders and providing customer support in their locality, earning revenue-sharing from subscription sales.
  • Onboarding SeniorBuddies in their locality: overseeing registration and qualification processes, conducting training sessions for solution usage, and facilitating payments.

NFT IP Licensing

In Kambria DAOs model we introduced the concept of NFT IP Licensing for hardware solutions, wherein:

  • The codebase of the solution is tokenized into NFTs, and manufacturers can purchase these NFTs to become Production Partners of the DAOs. This grants them a license for technology transfer to manufacture the robots in their respective localities or countries.
  • DAO members holding 10.000 LP tokens gain access to the solution’s codebase.

In case the solution of the Tech-powered Elderly Care DAO is a software solution with hardware integration:

  • The rule allowing DAO members with 10,000 LP tokens to access the solution's codebase remains applicable. 
  • We may explore the possibility of selling NFT IP Licensing specifically for the AI modules.

DAO governance

Adhering to Kambria DAOs model, among DAO members who hold LP tokens, the top fund contributors and most active members will join the DAO Council to make decisions for the DAO, such as:

  • Establishing the solution roadmap for upcoming product cycles.
  • Devising sales and marketing strategies, emphasizing branding and awareness to bolster the sales efforts of all Community Partners and Channel Partners.

Formation of the DAO Council is slated to occur 6 months after reaching the fundraising goal, corresponding to when the vesting progress attains the 50% mark.


Outlined below is a preliminary timeline for upcoming activities:

  • Q1 & Q2 2024: MVP development and experimentation
  • Q3 2024: DAO launch (Proposal presentation & Evaluation) and Fundraising. 

During the Fundraising phase, Kambria can initiate commercialization activities to validate market potential, operating under the role of Community Partner.

Partnership invitations

Please read our partnership invitations and fill in the form below if you are interested.

To SeniorBuddies

We cordially invite you to become a part of the Elderly Care community as a SeniorBuddy if you:

  • Have expertise in a particular life skill.
  • Are open to guiding the seniors in that skill and offering companionship to them through connection sessions.
  • Have an interest in contributing as a volunteer or receiving payment for tutoring.
  • Are tech-savvy and familiar with blockchain technology.

Your valuable skills and compassionate presence can make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors.

To Seniors’ families

If you are interested in subscribing to this Elderly Care solution for your parents or grandparents to connect, experience and enjoy companionship, please provide your information in the form below. We will contact you as soon as the solution becomes available.

Additionally, we would appreciate the opportunity to invite your parents or grandparents to participate in the experimentation phase if they are willing. 

To Fund Contributors

Some financial information we would like to highlight for your reference:

  • According to Fact.MR, the global senior care technologies market is at present valued at USD 43.38 Billion in 2022. 
  • The market is further anticipated to cross a valuation of USD 76.23 Billion by the end of 2032. 
  • The industry is likely to grow with a CAGR of 5.8% in the forecast period.

As per Kambria DAOs model, DAO fund contributors purchase DAO LP tokens to become DAO members:

  • All DAO LP token holders can earn revenue sharing in commercialization phase 
  • Members holding 10.000 LP tokens gain access to the solution codebase
  • Members with at least 5% LP tokens will join the DAO Council to vote for DAO decisions.

The investment or expense budget will be used for: 

  • 65% for R&D and Production (R&D only in this case)
  • 20% for Sales and Marketing  
  • 15% for Operations 

Revenues from solution sales, services and licensing will be allocated: 

  • 75% for expense budget 
  • 25% for revenue sharing to DAO fund contributors.

To Community Partners

Some potential collaborations we would like to propose:

  • Raising public awareness: We can cross-share elderly care actions among our communities. We can also co-organize activities to raise awareness such as donation campaigns, Elderly Care days….
  • TECD Hubs: Community Partners will lead the DAO community in your Hubs to participate in the solution commercialization and get paid for the contribution of your Hubs. Please refer to the Solution commercialization section above for the demonstration of Kambria in this role.

To Service Partners

If you are experienced in doing elderly care services, and interested in collaborating with the DAO as Service Partners, we warmly invite your involvement in the solution development phase. Your insights into the requirements for the solution and participation in testing during the pilot phase would be highly valuable.

Together, we can work to integrate our elderly care solutions and enhance the quality of services.

TECD partnership invitation

For example, these are some projects dedicated to elderly care services and community that we would love to collaborate with: A Broader View, HelpAge International, United for All Ages, and Scandinavian Living Center…

Faithfully yours,



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