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On November 1st, 2019, Van Lang University students met four famous technology founders at the event  “Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Blockchain – Technology Entrepreneurship Lessons.” Dr. Vu Duy Thuc (Founder, CEO of Kambria), Dr. Luu The Loi (Founder, CEO of Kyber Network), MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu (Founder & CEO of Elsa Speak) and MSc. Ngo Tri Giang (Founder, CEO of Everest Education) inspired students with their AI and blockchain startup stories.

AI and Blockchain Startup Story: Meet 4 Vietnamese Tech Startup Founders
From left to right: Dr. Vu Duy Thuc, MSc. Ngo Chi Giang, MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu, Ph.D Luu The Loi, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Vice Chairman of Van Lang University

At the beginning of the program, all four speakers shared what motivated them to start their entrepreneurial journey. Dr. Luu The Loi expressed his passion for student life: “From being addicted to solving difficult problems, I am addicted to helping many people solve their problems.”

The entrepreneurial journey of all four speakers has a strong imprint in AI and Blockchain applications. “AI — Artificial intelligence — is really needed when handling huge workloads, requiring speed and precision. Through the use of AI, people will be liberated from boring jobs and freed to spend time doing tasks that require more communication,” noted  Dr. Vu Duy Thuc. He said that starting a technology career is extremely difficult and that many will experience failure. “Learning to start a business from success stories is very difficult. Learning from the failure stories will avoid risk.”

AI and Blockchain Startup Story: Meet 4 Vietnamese Tech Startup Founders
Dr. Vu Duy Thuc and MSc. Ngo Chi Giang did not hesitate to talk about failures. The two men said that most successful startups come from failures without discouragement.

In agreement with this view, MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu repeated the words of a teacher at Stanford University: “The biggest failure is no failure.” Elsa Speak is an app that was inspired by her failure when studying abroad for the first time. She could not communicate well because of her limited language ability. “Don’t start with a solution but listen to the needs of users to create products.”

MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu hopes that in the future, thanks to the use of technology in education, students will not be limited to the set curriculum found in books; they will be able to use resources that adapt to each learner’s needs.

The entrepreneurial career path is very lonely but do not try to go alone. MSc. Ngo Chi Giang advised Van Lang University students and young people to take advantage of the strength of each factor in the collective. “My strength is to understand my weaknesses and find suitable partners to make the team stronger.”

AI and Blockchain Startup Story: Meet 4 Vietnamese Tech Startup Founders
MSc. Ngo Chi Giang interacting with students of Van Lang University after discussion

In addition to sharing information about potential new technologies, the event also brought hope to the young generation of Vietnam. Historian Duong Trung Quoc, a member of the National Council for Education and Development, National Assembly Delegate, Vice President and General Secretary of Vietnam History Association, also attended the event and revealed, “I’m 73 years old. At this point, I also started my career and I hope that young people will boldly do bigger things.”

AI and Blockchain Startup Story: Meet 4 Vietnamese Tech Startup Founders
Vietnam’s top leaders spoke to young talents in the field of AI – Blockchain at Trinh Cong Son Hall – Van Lang University

Dr. Tran Hong Quan, Former Minister of Education and Training, also has high expectations. “The storm named Revolution 4.0 gives equal opportunity to all developed and developing countries. Older people like us cannot participate as young people, but we have the right to expect great things from you.”

AI and Blockchain Startup Story: Meet 4 Vietnamese Tech Startup Founders
Source: Kenh14.vn

Prof. Dr. Thai Kim Lan, a philosophy professor who spent more than half a century in Germany and decided to return to Vietnam, fully supports these types of events that share AI and blockchain startup stories. In Trinh Cong Son Hall of Van Lang University, Professor. Dr. Thai Kim Lan borrowed a composer friend’s lyrics to share with o everyone: “The afternoon goes down, tomorrow the sun will rise somewhere in the East. We are in the East and let’s hope.”

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