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(Last updated: Nov 09, 2023)

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Underwater Conservation Robot DAO – Embarking on Marine Life Monitoring and Conservation πŸ‹

Dear Kambrians,

We are excited to introduce the Underwater Conservation Robot DAO (UCRD), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing the critical challenges of maritime environmental conservation and marine life research. If you're passionate about safeguarding marine life, here's your opportunity to join us on this tech-driven journey.

Why Underwater Conservation Robots Matter:

Underwater conservation robots, whether known as underwater drones or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), play a pivotal role in marine conservation. These robots facilitate deep-sea research, precise mapping, oil spill response, and the protection of fragile ecosystems. With marine life facing unprecedented challenges, our efforts are of paramount importance.

Our Journey with UCRD

Our approach includes in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Develop an underwater conservation robot solution
  • Phase 2: Implement the solution by introducing it to Underwater Conservation Service Partners (UCSP) to buy or rent as an alternative method.
  • Phase 3: Create community movement with UCRD Gamification
  • Phase 4: Speed up the work via the community. 

🀝 Partnership 

Some potential partnerships we would like to propose:

  • Dev Team Partner to develop Underwater Conservation Robot Solution
  • Community Partners to co-organize activities to raise awareness and be a hub of the DAO
  • Fund Contributors to become co-own technology and a part of contributing to it
  • Service Partners to implement the solutions when it is ready

🌐 Explore Further: Dive into timeline and upcoming milestones here. Stay engaged with our active Discord community on Kambria for the latest updates and events.

Let's create a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans and marine life.

πŸ‘‰More information: https://blog.kambria.io/underwater-conservation-robot-dao-embarking-on-marine-life-monitoring-and-conservation/ 

🌊 Together, We Thrive!

Social Impact Innovation Alliance 🀝

As we embark on this journey, we are extending our hand to other communities, inviting them to join us in shaping the future of technology for the better. We've had the privilege to connect with numerous inspiring projects and teams, and a groundbreaking idea has emerged from these interactions.

Social Impact Innovation Projects: Our Common Values

Projects in the Alliance share fundamental principles:

  • Social Impact Innovation
  • Ethical Practices 
  • Scalability and Sustainability
  • Collaboration and Partnerships

Meet New SIIA Members: Meet Einsteinium, FARI, TAO Climate, and VSV Foundation, each on a mission to make a difference in their unique ways.

  • Einsteinium: Harnessing blockchain technology for scientific research funding and reducing waste through EMC2 coin.
  • FARI: Pioneering AI, data, and robotics research to address contemporary challenges in Brussels and beyond.
  • TAO Climate: Fighting climate change by removing CO2 at scale and using it to build a sustainable world.
  • Vietnam Silicon Valley Foundation: Empowering startups in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, driving impactful innovation.

Join Us for Social Impact Innovations!

If you are passionate about creating positive change and eager to collaborate with visionary projects and organizations, this is your chance. Let's unite, share our expertise, and collectively drive innovation for a better world.

  • Registration: To join the Alliance, interested projects must complete a Registration form  demonstrating alignment with the entry criteria.
  • Participation: Alliance members are encouraged to propose programs and activities they wish to host, along with cooperation opportunities. Other members can select the initiatives that align with their interests, and program agreements will be formalized accordingly.
  • Community Channels: The list of project members within the Alliance will be regularly updated on Kambria's Open Innovation Hubs page. And we will have a dedicated discussion channel in Kambria Discord for activities of the Alliance.

Let's foster a spirit of collaboration and innovation within this Alliance!

Embrace the Future with Kambria NFT Collection Sales! 🌟

(Please check the updated information in this article)

We're thrilled to introduce the KAMBRIA NFT COLLECTION SALES event. Each NFT collection is like a digital masterpiece, and guess what? They're tied to our DAOs!

Now, these NFTs aren't just pretty pictures. They carry powerful messages that raise public awareness about the challenges we wish to use technology to tackle. Plus, when you buy them, you're not just getting art; you're supporting our DAOs! It's like being part of the tech revolution. Oh, and there's a cool 20% discount on LP Tokens too. 

But, how to join? We've got step-by-step guides for you:

Our Referral Program is here, powered by NFTify's referral feature.

Share the love, share the rewards. It's that simple! 

  • Referral participants will receive 5% on each successful transaction.
  • In addition, Referral participants will receive the reward from NFTify with NFTify’s Referral Program

Get all instructions please refer to our instructions on NFTify Marketplace.

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