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♻️ Announcement of Smart Recycle DAO - Think Green, Act Smart, Become Environment Keepers 🌎🌿

Dear Kambrians,

The urgency to address climate change and environmental damage is undeniable, with habitats suffering and waste management struggling. That's why we're introducing the Smart Recycle DAO - a smart trash bin designed to empower consumers and revolutionize waste management through education and action.

🌿 Why Smart Recycles DAO?

Smart Recycling plays a pivotal role in the journey towards a greener planet. Here are some points that highlight why embracing smart recycling is essential:

  • Advancing A Circular Economy: Sorting recyclables efficiently reduces reliance on virgin materials, lowers energy use, and creates a circular economy by turning waste into resources.
  • Environmental Benefits: Smart recycling goes beyond tossing trash – it's a weapon for a greener future. Recycling saves resources like water and minerals, and fights climate change by reducing pollution and energy use.
  • Revolutionizing Waste Management: Smart recycling is a game-changer in waste management. Technology streamlines collection, diverting waste from landfills and promoting a greener, more cost-effective future.

🔍 The Solution:

Smart Recycle DAO intends to have these innovative features:

The technology solution enhances the intelligence of trash bins with features including:

  • An AI camera for waste classification.
  • An AI voice chat for user guidance and reminders to sort waste correctly.
  • A smart lid that opens only upon correct classification

The solution fosters community engagement through gamification, such as:

  • Recording waste classification data in a network of bins
  • Rewarding the most efficient bin (based on correct classifications and user participation) with sponsorships from environmentally friendly brands.

🌱 Join the Movement:

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey:

  • Dev Teams: If you're experienced in home garden tech solutions, submit your proposal by Sep 23, 2024, to collaborate with us.
  • Service Partners: Join us in developing solutions to test the solution in the pilot phase as well as implement it commercially
  • Fund Contributors: Invest in our vision and be part of the worldwide smart trash market.
  • Community Partners: Let's collaborate on raising awareness and building SRD Hubs in your communities.


Let's become Environment Keepers together! Join the Smart Recycle DAO movement with our innovative smart trash bin, designed to raise awareness and empower you to be part of the solution.

Join Us!

🌟Kambria Social Impact Innovation Alliance Launch Event Appreciation Post🌟

We had an incredible event filled with insightful discussions and groundbreaking ideas! A huge thank you to our esteemed guest speakers for sharing their expertise and igniting such a passionate conversation. We were all thoroughly impressed by your knowledge and dedication to the power of innovation for positive social change. Stay tuned for a full event recap coming soon, where you can revisit the key takeaways and delve deeper into the topics explored.

Once again, our sincerest thanks to our excellent guest speakers for their invaluable contributions.

👨‍🔬 Dr. Amit Saha, Founder of FoGS Global Research & Consultancy Centre: Discover how FoGS is revolutionizing agriculture with a focus on sustainable dairy farming and fresh herb production. Their 3i FRONTIER PILLARS (Identify, Impact, Implement Grassroots Sustainability) are driving positive change worldwide!

🌱 Mr. Gary, Founder TAO Climate: Learn about TAO Climate's mission to fight climate change by removing CO2 at scale and utilizing it to build a sustainable future for all!

💼 Mr. Joseph Tenzin Oliver, CEO of Vision Plan: Builds innovation at scale for the private and public sectors using the world’s leading methods and an international network of Change Agents.

🏥 Ms. Madeleine Ndegeya Kazindu, CTO of Umubyeyi Elevate (UE) Ltd: A health-tech innovator dedicated to improving maternal and child health in Rwanda and beyond. Through community-centred digital platforms, they empower individuals with knowledge for safe and healthy deliveries.

🚀 Mr. David Finkelshteyn, CEO of Pivot-al: A software development company, specializes in bespoke, data-driven solutions. Aligned with Kambria's ethos, they focus on quick MVP creation, data engineering, web development, AI, and cloud systems.

💡 Mr. Tuan Nguyen, Venture Analyst of Vietnam Silicon Valley: Empowering startups in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, driving impactful innovation.

Stay tuned for the session highlights, soon to be featured on our blog and YouTube channel. For the latest updates and insightful content, make sure to follow us. 

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