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Dear Kambrians,

Following the path to making technology open and contributing more to society, we are brought to the opportunity to contribute to this cause: Mine Clearing Robot DAO as a Community Action to Heal the Earth.

In this article, we would like to introduce an overview of this DAO. If this resonates with you, join us to be a part of this social impact.

Co-owning technology via Kambria DAOs

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community using blockchain to facilitate decentralized autonomy. The control is spread out among all community members who use governance tokens to vote on DAO’s rules or changes, voting power is equivalent to the number of tokens they possess. By this, we can empower the community with trust, transparency, and automation, and enable open-source solutions to be commercialized by their community.

Each Kambria DAO is started by a Dev Team submitting their proposal with a solution of technology they can develop and open for the community to co-own.

The community collectively buys into the solution by participating in the DAO. Then Dev Team starts to develop the solution and the development progress will be managed monthly.

The DAO as owners of the solution will decide and contribute to the commercialization of the solution, as well as get paid for their contribution.

Please check this page for a more detailed model and FAQs of Kambria DAOs.

From the meeting of Hearts

The partnership between Audacity and Kambria was seeded in 2021. We see it as a meeting of hearts.

While Audacity has been working on initiatives of Alternative Universal Designs of A City which are around the needs of people, communities, and societies, Kambria initiatives focus on shaping the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.

One of Audacity’s projects is DeMine Craft, an initiative aiming to solve the landmine problem by intertwining robotics and gamification into one big idea – a robot deminer controlled by gamers.

One of our programs is Kambria DAOs, an initiative for the community to co-own technology, where DAO members of a technology solution will decide the development and commercialization of it.

And the Mine Clearing Robot DAO is where our paths cross.

“1000 years to clear all landmines”, if we don’t find a better solution

Here are some of the facts we have found in our research that motivate us to take action.

There are thought to be approximately 100 million landmines worldwide left over from previous conflicts which kill thousands each year.

Each year, landmines planted during wartime across fields and backyards and around critical water sources kill or maim an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people worldwide—one in five of them children—according to UNICEF.

Their presence hinders agriculture and construction as it isn’t possible to build or farm on the land; as a result, many mine-afflicted countries are poverty-stricken. 

Mines can stay active, and deadly, for up to five decades, so finding and clearing them is critical.

While hand-held metal detectors are trusty and accurate, they are slow. Some campaigners say that, at the current rate, it will take 1100 years to clear all the landmines.

Local citizens, unable to afford massive mine detonating machines, use ineffective and dangerous methods to detect the landmines, from slowly poking the ground around them with long sticks to training large, leashed rats to sniff out explosives.

The Mine Clearing Robot DAO (MCRD)

Our approach to building the DAO is to partner with the Dev Teams experienced in R&D this solution, as well as the Service Partners experienced in doing the landmine clearance services.

Phase 1: Develop a remote-controlled landmine robot solution

Phase 2: Implement the solution by introducing it to Mine Clearance Service Partners (MCSP) to buy or rent as an alternative method. The DAO will also run donation campaigns in which supporters will buy the robots to donate to MCSP.

Phase 3: Create community movement with MCRD Gamification, such as:

  • Reward DAO members with LP tokens for running donation campaigns 
  • Reward supporters with an NFT representing their robot, and credits for the contribution of their robot 
  • Reward deminers (remote robot operators) with DAO LP tokens for their works (besides payments from MCSP), and share their stories with the community.

Phase 4: Speed up the work via the community. Deminers in each country can team up to implement landmine clearance services locally, and the DAO will award Annual Global Prizes to the best teams.

Partnership invitation to Dev Teams

If you are experienced in the R&D of a mine clearing robot solution, and interested in collaborating with MCRD as Dev Team Partner to develop the solution, please submit your proposal by the timeline below to demonstrate how you should be selected to develop this solution. 

The proposal should show:

  • Team profiles and relevant experiences 
  • Development plan until the solution is ready for commercialization. Development progress will be managed monthly as per the Kambria DAO model
  • Demonstration works – initial designs, functional flows, demo, prototype… 
  • Quotation

Partnership invitation to Mine Clearance Service Partners

If you are experienced in doing landmine clearance service, and interested in collaborating with MCRD as Mine Clearance Service Partners, we would love to have your participation in the solution development phase, to survey your needs for the solution as well as collaborate to test the solution in the pilot phase.

Partnership invitation to Fund contributors

Some financial information we would like to highlight for your reference:

✔️ Mine clearance accounted for the largest market share 23% of the global military robot market valued at USD 21.14 Billion in 2019 and forecasted to reach USD 52.16 Billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 11.9%.

✔️ The financial framework of the Kambria DAO model:

  • Allocations of DAO funds and revenue 
  • Regarding the 30% revenue sharing to DAO fund contributors: Fund contributors will have DAO LP tokens in proportion to their fund contribution. Kambria DAO LP tokens are Revenue Sharing Token which will bring more benefits for DAO members due to 1) the clear relationship between DAO’s commercial success and the token value, 2) pre-defined income stream to token holders in the sense that token holders will be rewarded instantly at the time of recording revenues.
  • Kambria DAO transactions will be conducted by Kambria tokens.

Partnership invitation to Community Partners

Some potential collaborations we would like to propose:

  • Raising public awareness: We can cross-share our actions among our communities. We can also co-organize activities to raise awareness, for example, a virtual run organized by Quang Tri Mine Action Center and mine action organizations, on the occasion of International Mine Awareness Day 2022, to raise funds in support of explosive ordnance survivors.
  • MCRD Hubs: Community Partner will lead the DAO community in your Hub to participate in the solution commercialization and get paid for the Hub’s contribution

If you have any additional collaboration ideas, please share them with us at info@kambria.io

🎬🎬 Get to know more here: https://kambria.io/dao/mine-clearing-robot/

Upcoming events

Join us if this cause resonates with you and you want to be a part of this social impact.

Upcoming events

Join us if this cause resonates with you and you want to be a part of this social impact.


Nov 4: Call for partnership – Info session

  • Kambria Introduction 
  • Keynote Project Introduction: Dev Teams, Service Partners, Community Partners… 
  • Panel discussion

Apr 7: Dev Team Proposal submission

May 5: Online DAO Launch event

  • Dev Teams present proposals – Q&A from Community & Experts 
  • Kick start the fundraising on XDAO – How to join

Sincerely yours,



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