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This week, one of our Telegram channel members asked a question about the Kambria Platform so we’re sharing it here in this Kambria Whitepaper Q&A.


“Hey guys. I had a question about the whitepaper. This ecosystem seems largely dependent on “expert judges” to decide when a bounty has been earned. Are there judges identified already, or a pool of suitable expertise on hand to perform this role?

“Also, what would happen if the appointed judges couldn’t agree on the outcome or were unable to approve the bounty. Would the smart contract need to have certain clauses?”

Answer By Dr. Thuc Vu, Kambria’s CEO

“We have a pool of AI and Robotics experts ready to become the judges. These are the independent experts we carefully curated from our network. [OhmniLabs], in the beginning, will play a role in this as well since we already gained deep expertise of the entire robotics tech stack.

“We are writing a yellow paper on the judging protocol and will share the draft and code with you soon. One more thing to keep in mind is that the bounty format will [be] tournament style as well, so multiple stages, not just one. Teams will progress through ideation, to prototyping, to production and earn rewards along the way.

“You can think of the judges as a proxy of the community. If they cannot reach an agreement, we’ll open up to the larger community to vote. In the worst case, if there is no winner for any round, the remaining bounty will go back to the proposer, but at least we will have materials to build upon from the previous rounds.”

We understand that whitepapers can be jam-packed with complex information that may require clarity, so we want to give you a platform to ask the tough questions. What other questions to do you have about our whitepaper that we can answer? Jump into Telegram and ask us there!

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