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Progress Report September 2019 Part 1

Kambrians, September is off to a great start! Last week we hosted special guests from the Vietnam National Innovation Center. The Minister of Planning and Investment and his top officials toured Kambria’s Silicon Valley office as part of an initiative to build a National Innovation Center (NIC) for Vietnam. NIC headquarters will be in Hoa Lac, near Ha Noi, Vietnam and its multiple branches will be located around the world, including one in Silicon Valley, USA. 

Vietnam National Innovation Center
Rendering of Vietnam National Innovation Center

NIC officials toured Kambria’s Silicon Valley office, which is being considered as a possible global branch that would support the Ministry’s vision. The vision of NIC is to be a major instrument for implementing Industry 4.0, a strategy to fundamentally transform Vietnam’s socio-economic future. 

Dr. Thuc Vu, Kambria CEO, with officials from the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Kambria’s Silicon Valley office
Dr. Thuc Vu, Kambria CEO, with officials from the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Kambria’s Silicon Valley office

NIC’s 5 focus areas include:

  • Smart factory — hardware and software
  • Digital content industry — games, advertising, movies, music
  • Network security — security solutions, civil networks – the city’s factories and administrative agencies
  • Smart city
  • Environmental technology

Learn more about NIC and Kambria, click here. 

Manual KAT Token Swap Tutorial

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests for instructions on how to swap your ERC20 KAT manually using any wallet. Follow this step-by-step video tutorial to learn how you can swap your KAT for KAT-7BB and earn a 10% bonus on every token you swap from now through October 15th! 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to @RobotComms via Telegram. 

Winners from Sherlock Club AMA with Thuc Vu

Progress Report September 2019

This week we announced the winners of the AMA with Dr. Thuc Vu and William Ryan with Crypto Sherlock Club on the Sherlock Club Telegram Channel. Five participants were chosen for having asked the best questions. Read our AMA recap for a list of winners and for lots of great info about Kambria. 

If your question was not selected, don’t worry! You’ll have another opportunity to earn rewards in the future. A special thanks to Krytpo Sherlock Club, Crypto Lamer, and ICO Analytics for their support through this event.

MOOCs for AI: Empowering Individual Learning and Mastery

MOOCs for AI: Empowering Individual Learning and Mastery

AI is transforming industries and Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are transforming education. Together the two are a very powerful combination that any aspiring engineer or developer can leverage to skyrocket his or her career.

Did you know that Kambria is developing online AI courses in conjunction with educational and training alliances worldwide? Stay tuned as we will launch our online AI courses shortly. In the meantime, read this article about why we should learn more AI and why MOOCs are a great educational tool. 

  • Why you should take charge of your education
  • Why are MOOCs and what are their purpose
  • Advantages of MOOCs
  • Why MOOCs are a great way to learn AI

To read the full article, click here.

Robot Development Platforms: Technologies and Trends

OhmniLabs Robot Development Platform

Kambria’s sister company, OhmniLabs, recently published an article about Robot Development Platforms. OhmniLabs is a member of the Kambria Manufacturing Alliance and a leader in the robotics 3D printing and manufacturing space. 

Learn about the latest technologies and trends in development platforms, including Ohmni’s Development Edition, which allows companies to fully customize their robotics solutions. Click here to learn more.

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