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Greetings Kambria! Recently, we have received a lot of requests on how to swap your ERC20 KAT to KAT-7BB. We have created an automated KAT Token Swap and integrated several popular wallets, but we understand and respect our community’s right to use whichever wallet they are most comfortable with, so we have implemented the ability to swap your KAT using any wallet that holds your ERC20 KAT. Because this process is slightly more complicated than using our swap tool integration with popular wallets such as MetaMask and the Ledger Hardware Wallets, we wanted to give you a step-by-step explanation of how to safely swap your KAT. As part of the, we have also created a video tutorial explaining this process. We hope you enjoy!

Note: This tutorial was designed for those community members using wallets that are not compatible with our automated token bridge. Please utilize the standard swap method (link below) where applicable. For the “automated token swap tutorial,” please visit this link. 

To swap your KAT, you will first need to create an account on the Kambria Platform. You can create your account at https://app.kambria.io to begin, or just head over to the token swap bridge to get started. Just create and login to your new account! For this process, you will need to access the wallet you have your ERC20 KAT stored in, a BEP2 wallet, and about five minutes worth of your time. Remember that we have a 10% token swap bonus going on through October 15th, so don’t delay and take advantage of this generous offer. For more details on the Token Swap Bonus, please visit our official announcement.

kambria app login

KAT Token Swap Step 1:

Once you’ve logged in, you will first need to paste in your Binance address into the first text box. If you have not already created your Binance address, kindly follow this tutorial for a detailed guide on how to create your first Binance wallet. Additionally, KAT token holders now have the ability to store and trade KAT directly in the Trust Wallet app! Please note: This wallet MUST have the ability to store BEP2 tokens. KAT sent to centralized exchanges like Binance.com will be lost forever! If you have a seed phrase or private key for your Binance wallet, you can safely send your KAT-7BB to it.

For more information on how to locate your Binance address, please visit the tutorial above. Additionally, to locate your Binance address within Trust Wallet, please see the infographic below.

kambria trust wallet
Be sure you select the “BEP2” variant of KAT! The logos are different, so you can easily tell the difference

Simply copy your Binance Address and paste it into the box pictured below, and click “Confirm.” If pasted correctly, you will see your Ethereum Deposit Address populate the text box in step 2. Note: visually confirm your Binance address to ensure that it was copied properly.

Paste your Binance Address

KAT Token Swap Step 2:

Now that you have received your Ethereum deposit address, you will need to copy this address into the wallet that you are sending your ERC20 KAT from. To simplify the process, we have made it easier than ever to copy your address. Simply click the text of your deposit address, and the token swap bridge will automatically copy your Ethereum deposit address into your clipboard so you can paste it into your wallet.

Click the deposit address to copy it to your clipboard

KAT Token Swap Step 3:

Navigate to the wallet that stores your ERC20 KAT. You will now send your KAT to the token swap bridge to receive your KAT-7BB. If you are uncomfortable with this process, feel free to send a test transaction through first. You are free to swap as many tokens as you would like; however, please refrain from spamming the network. If you decide to do multiple swaps, kindly do so with prudence and do not abuse the tool. You will be eligible for a 10% bonus on all swaps from now through October 15th. For this example, I am using MyCrypto.com; however, you can use any Ethereum wallet that is holding your KAT. The process will be nearly identical for all wallets.

3a)  Paste the Ethereum deposit address into the “To” section of your wallet. You will be sending your ERC20 KAT outbound to the token bridge.

3b) Enter the amount of KAT you would like to swap. Remember, you must swap a minimum of 1000 KAT. Sending less than 1000 KAT to the bridge will result in loss of your tokens.

3c) Make sure you select and send ERC20 KAT ONLY! Any other tokens sent to this address will be lost forever!

3d) Double check your Ethereum deposit address and amounts prior to sending. Refer back to the Token Swap Tool to verify that you’ve pasted the address correctly.

3e) Send the transaction!

KAT Token Swap Step 4:

Depending on your wallet, you should see an option to view your transaction on Etherscan, and/or your wallet will provide you a “Transaction Hash” identifier for your transaction. You will need this indentifier to provide the tool with the necessary information to detect your swap. Copy the transaction hash into your clipboard.

Etherscan TXID Page
Etherscan TXID Page

KAT Token Swap Step 5:

Head back over to the token swap bridge and click Click here if you did the transaction by your personal wallet.” Once you click that, another step will open at the bottom of your screen, and you will see another text box where you will input the transaction hash that you just copied into. Once you have pasted the transaction hash (TXID) into the text box, you can click submit.

It will take the swap tool several minutes as your transaction can take anywhere from 1-15 (or more) minutes to confirm on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains. Please be patient during this process and do not worry. Once complete, the progress bar will complete at 100% and provide you with a link to view your transaction on the Binance blockchain! Enjoy your newly minted KAT-7BB.

Click “View the swap in Binance Explorer” to see your transaction
Achievement Unlocked

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