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Kambria Progress Report -- July 2019, Part 1


This week we were excited to announce that Kambria received positive votes from Binance Chain validators and will be executing the listing command for Binance DEX! Very soon, KAT will be listed on the world’s largest decentralized exchange. 

In preparation, we have created a tool to assist our community in swapping their ERC-20 KAT over to Binance Chain. With the Kambria Token Bridge, the simple migration process over to the newly minted BEP2 KAT takes only a few minutes. You are encouraged to swap your tokens to take advantage of the many benefits our migration to Binance Chain provides, including non-custodial, high liquidity trading, contests, and very secure wallet options. We hope that you are as thrilled with this news as we are!

We have also created several resources to assist you with the token swap process. If you have any questions, please contact one of our admins through Telegram for help. 

Kambria Token Bridge Tutorial

Binance (BNB) Wallet Creation Tutorial 

Video instructions


Kambria Progress Report July 2019

Earlier this month, we announced the release of the next generation of the Kambria open innovation platform and website, which has been redesigned to highlight the products and services now available through the Kambria Open Innovation Ecosystem. Below is a short summary of the new features and changes across both sites. 

Platform Highlights

  • Kambria’s Bounty Platform used for 3 hackathons by Vietnam AI Grand Challenge participants
  • KAT and Karma distribution function 
  • Mechanism to withdraw KAT to external ETH wallets
  • Newly available code
  • Resource Library now available
  • Binance Chain support
  • Community Voting features 
  • Kambria Global Innovation Fund for researchers to submit proposals and get funded by corporations

To read the latest Development Update, please click here.

Website Redesign Features

Our site has been totally redesigned to provide information about the components of the Kambria Open Innovation Ecosystem including:

  • The Kambria Global Innovation Fund supporting open innovation and progress in robotics by Lehigh University researchers
  • The Kambria Open Innovation Hub 
  • Hackathons and K-prize Challenges
  • Kambria eduKATion

We invite you to experience the Kambria open innovation platform and new website for yourself.

Platform: https://app.kambria.io/

Website: https://kambria.io


So far, the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019 hackathon series has been a great success! In collaboration with the Vietnamese government, McKinsey & Company, and VietAI, the Grand Challenge is bringing together the country’s best AI talent to support corporations in Vietnam and globally in designing the Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant. Design sectors include self-driving cars, manufacturing, banking, hotel services, and more. In total, 187 teams signed up with over 700 participants!

Workshop: Decision Making Strategies For Assistive AI

Kambria Progress Report -- July 2019, Part 1

On June 25th, Kambria hosted a Grand Challenge workshop called Decision Making Strategies For Assistive AI  where hackathon participants learned how to apply AI to support and optimize business activities.

On June 28th, Kambria hosted its first Grand Challenge in Ho Chi Minh City. The three day event was truly the litmus test for how the rest of the series would go, as participants competed for several days developing virtual assistants in areas such as self-driving, manufacturing, banking, hotel services, and many other fields. 

Kambria Vietnam Grand Challenge 2019 l Kambria Progress Report

On July 7th, we hosted our second hackathon in Danang and the final hackathon took place in Hanoi on July 12th. We will share news and photos of the winning participants as soon as they’re available. For more information on the Vietnam Grand Challenge, follow the Facebook Page.


Kambria OKEx Summit l Kambria Progress Report

On June 16th, Kambria CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Thuc Vu, joined other leaders on stage for the OKEX Vietnam Cooperation Summit in Ho Chi Minh City. The event included the DeFi panel, where Dr. Vu discussed how blockchain is disrupting legacy financial services and providing access to millions of underserved people globally. Check out our blog for more details.


To support our community around platform updates and hackathon participants in their competition, our Content Team has been busy cranking out educational articles and tutorials. 

Kambria Token Use Case

With questions fielded from the community, we wanted to give you a deeper look into how KAT will be used on the Kambria Platform. Services include:

  • Membership to the platform
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Prototyping services
  • Manufacturing Alliance
  • Backing
  • Voting
  • Hackathon participation
  • Access to KDNA codebase
  • Access to resource library
  • Robotics “Appstore”

For a full overview, please read this post.

How to Create the Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant

Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant

Digital virtual assistants, sometimes referred to as voice assistants, are becoming ever more popular. If you’re looking to get involved in the creation of an AI virtual assistant/voice assistant, it can be hard to even know where to start. This article contains a list of resources pertaining to digital virtual assistants while addressing some specific questions.

The Convergence of AI and Blockchain: What You Need to Know

The Convergence of AI and Blockchain

Modern artificial intelligence and blockchain are two of the most powerful technologies shaping our current realm of global digital information. Combining these technologies opens a whole world of possibilities. Kambria worked together with Liquid Exchange to cover how blockchain is being applied to AI development, and how challenges in development can be solved. Click here to learn more.

The History and Evolution of Self-Driving Cars

The History and Evolution of Self-Driving Cars

The idea of self-driving cars has captured human imagination since the 1930s. With the 2020 slated deadline to put self-driving cars on the streets of major cities in the US and other developed countries, stakes and motivation around this technology are definitely high. Learn more by reading the full article here

Do’s and Don’ts: Designing an AI Virtual Assistant

Dos and Don’ts: Designing an AI Virtual Assistant

Are you interested in designing a virtual assistant? There are so many different ways to design one, where should you start? Click here to read our step-by-step guide

AI in Healthcare: Eldercare Virtual Assistant Design

AI in Healthcare: Eldercare Virtual Assistant Design

How do you design an eldercare AI virtual assistant to cater to one specific section of the healthcare industry? This topic is of growing importance due to the increasing imbalance in the number of elderly people and the service personnel assigned to attend to them. Check out the full article here

AI is Here to Stay. Here is Why You Should Not be Afraid.

AI is Here to Stay. Here is Why You Should Not be Afraid.

Today, human civilization has finally reached a point where not only artificial intelligence is important in our lives, but has become an integral and fundamental part of it. While this is generally accepted as a positive development, today many people are afraid of AI and understandably concerned over its very exponential nature — that soon, AI might take over our jobs. Or worse, that one day AI might take over the world. This article discusses the future of AI. Let us know if you agree. 

Logistic Regression For Machine Learning and Classification

Logistic Regression for Machine Learning

Logistic regression is one of the most common and useful classification algorithms in machine learning. If you wish to become a better machine learning practitioner, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with logistic regression. Click here for the full article.


Soon we will launch two new programs — Community Voting for our hackathons and a Content Challenge. Both are opportunities for you to get involved and possibly win prizes at the same time. Please stay tuned for details as they unfold. 

Of course, if you have any questions or comments for us in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out through one of our Telegram Channels. 

Telegram (ENG): https://t.me/kambriaofficial

Telegram (KOR): https://t.me/KambriaKorea

Telegram (VIE): https://t.me/KambriaVietnam

Telegram (CHN): https://t.me/KambriaChina

Telegram (RUS): https://t.me/KambriaRussian


Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.

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