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Dear Kambrians,
We would like to invite teams of developers to join us as our Innovator Partners in Kambria NFT IP Program enabling innovators to license, monetize and protect their intellectual property.
We believe that our NFT IP program will provide greater transparency and liquidity as well as maximize your patent utility as a business asset. By tokenizing patents, your IPs would be more cost-efficient to license, and most importantly it allows you to control over your work and get properly paid.
You all, developers, data scientists, and problem solvers, who have created unique technology solutions, are highly encouraged to be a part of Kambria to make a demonstrable difference targeting pressing problems in the society.
With Kambria, you are the driving force for the dynamics of innovation. You will be working together with us through a collaborative and open platform to strengthen the power of communities.
Your solutions will be exposed to the globe through Kambria platform and connected to our resourceful network of investors, who contribute to delivering on the vast potential of technology for communities.
If you are
Developers, data scientists, tech innovators
Have a concrete solution / PoC / MVP in Deeptech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain)
Look for more opportunities in the tokenization ecosystem to commercialize your solution, to upsell / cross-sell other solutions, or to test the market.
or contact us through support@kambria.io for further support

A community person who is passionate about new technology adoption.

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