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🚩🚩You have been waiting for more releases from Kambria, right? 

And now, it’s time for us to announce more community initiatives:

🚩🚩Let’s have a quick look at our highlights: 

Last month, Kambria Online Hackathon was broadcasted successfully with 3 FB LIVE sessions including (1) Panel Discussion: Open Innovation in Technology Era; (2) Final Presentation of TOP 3 teams of developers; (3) Award Ceremony through Ohmni Telepresence Robots. 

  • 37 teams in total registered to KO Hackathon 
  • 2 challenges: Personalized Learning & Warehouse Anomaly Detection based on real-world problems.
  • 9 mentoring sessions: Info Seminar, Methodology to 1-on-1 sessions conducted by 8 top-notch international experts, mentor-cum-judges from large tech corporations, frontier start-up companies, non-profit organizations: FPT Software, OhmniLabs, Kambria, Got It Inc, EyeQ, Kidspire, and VietUXPM

V1olet Team with Trong Hieu Nguyen and Tan Huynh won the highest prize as KO Hackathon’s first runner-up. Kambria could not determine the winner this time but will continue diving into PoC development for these challenges in the 2nd KO Hackathon.

Kambria Project Portfolio has received a tremendous number of applications and would like to call out for new projects across the globe. We aim to evolve into a repository of technology information, listing deep tech projects to help you and your team achieve your dream such as: 

  • Staying connected to investors through Kambria’s network 
  • Being recruited by large corporations for those who want to deep dive in the area of your project (AI/ML, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency)
  • Finding product-market fit and commercializing your project

More details information of each project, please check out → → https://kambria.io/portfolio/


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