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Kambria Online (KO) Hackathon 2021 organized by Kambria, with the partnership of FPT Software and OhmniLabs, realizes innovative ideas, connects corporations’ resources to solve pressing problems in society.

Dr. Thuc Vu, Kambria CEO & Co-founder and KO Hackathon winning teams dialing in the award ceremony through Ohmni robots. 

In 2 days of June 26th and 27th,  KO Hackathon 2021 award ceremony was broadcasted on  Kambria FB page, honoring teams of developers:

– V1olet team as First Runner-Up  ($1800 USD with AWS Credits)

– 2 teams: Smart Waropt and Kurtosis Reborn as together the Second Runner-Up

($900 for each with AWS Credit)


Hieu Nguyen – a member of V1olet presenting the solution for warehouse anomaly detection.

Teams of developers were working on Proof of Concept, figuring out the solutions for 2 particular challenges: Personalized Learning and Warehouse Anomaly Detection.

Unfortunately, in this competition, the winner of all could not be found, but Kambria recognizes teams’ effort and encourages teams of developers to try their best in the next competition.

Teams of developers completed the presentation of their Proof of Concept (POC) to prove the feasibility of their solution. All winning POC will be joining Kambria Project Portfolio, a program that aims to evolve into a repository of technology information, listing deep tech projects to achieve the dream of all teams of developers either it is:

  •  To stay connected with investors through Kambria’s network
  • To get recruited by large corporations in case developers want to deep dive into the area of projects
  • And to find product-market fit by helping commercialize projects.

The first challenge is Personalized Learning from Kidspire, a non-profit organization. Kidspire would like to dedicate this to customize a learning path that is suitable for Vietnamese orphanages individually. The solutions from KO Hackathon will possibly build up the confidence and develop their potentials through courses in technology and STEM.

And the second challenge about Warehouse Anomaly Detection sponsored by the Corporate sector: OhmniLabs and FPT Software. The challenge comes from the existing problem of applying AI technology. , create a mechanism to automatically detect abnormal signs, provide timely signals to serve warehouse monitoring/patrolling activities (detecting fire or explosion, boxes of goods, etc.)

KO Hackathon 2021 is not only an initiative for innovative ideas and but also includes a long-term meaning of developing the developer community (developers), a platform for exchanging academic knowledge, applied to practical projects, contributing to solving social problems, accelerating the success of high-tech projects from the business sector.

KO Hackathon was live across Kambria’s social media channels.

From Kambria’s viewpoint, the process of organizing the hackathon conquered many challenges. To achieve the goals, Kambria needed to work closely with challenge sponsors and the developers community. Along the way, Kambria helped to consult teams of developers, integrate the core technology into solutions research & development (R&D).

Some lessons learned are the appraisal process and how to find the relevant limitation for the challenges topics. Kambria needed to work closely with all parties to make requirements suitable to the actual problem. It is worth noting that the “competitiveness rate” of KO Hackathon was much higher than other competitions due to the high requirement of the outcomes. Another factor to mention is the sources of data. During the hackathon, Kambria realized that it still lacked open source for sample data in Vietnam for research and development purposes. 

The KO Hackathon 2021 is a part of the Hackathon series organized by Kambria, with the companionship of FPT Software, OhmniLabs, the NGO Kidpsire and community partners including Amazon Web Service (AWS), VietAI, JobHopin.


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