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Dear Kambria Community,

We are thrilled to share an exciting announcement regarding the allocation of our Community Building Fund for investments in Kambria DAOs.

About the Community Building Fund

As you know, the Community Building Fund was established to reward and empower our community for their invaluable contributions to our platform. Its primary purpose is to foster the growth and development of our ecosystem through attractive incentives, developer support, and large-scale bounty and hackathon events. 

In line with this objective, we have decided to utilize a portion of the Community Building Fund to support the growth and development of Kambria DAOs

Allocating the Fund for Investments in Kambria DAOs

This direction involves providing seed funding for the DAOs, which will act as an investment rather than a mere cost. By investing in the DAOs, we hope to foster their growth and success, ultimately leading to the commercialization of innovative solutions. 

In the future, this investment may result in revenue shares from the DAOs, allowing us to further enhance incentives and support for the Kambria community.

Investment execution

Regarding the fund allocation to each DAO, our plan is to acquire 5% of DAO LPs (Liquidity Providers) to become a member of the DAO Council, in accordance with the DAO governance model. This approach not only ensures representation from Kambria in the decision-making process but also fosters active community participation and inclusivity. We firmly believe that involving the community in these important decisions will lead to more diverse perspectives and better outcomes for everyone involved.

Currently we are launching three DAOs: the Pet Care Robot DAO, the Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO, and the Mine Clearing Robot DAO. Each of these DAOs plays a significant role in driving innovation within their respective domains and contributing to the overall growth of Kambria. 

For the initial fundraising phase, known as the Alpha Campaign, the goal for each DAO is set at $450,000, which will cover the expenses of the first product cycle.

So we will allocate $22,500 worth of KAT from the Community Building Fund to each DAO. This allocation amounts to approximately 10 million KAT based on the exchange rate as of July 3. These funds will be used to purchase DAO LP tokens from July to September 2023.

Join us and be a part of this transformative movement!

We invite the entire Kambria community to join us in this momentous endeavor by actively participating and investing in the DAOs. 

Your contributions, whether big or small, will play a crucial role in driving the success of these innovative initiatives. 

By investing in the DAOs, you not only have the opportunity to support groundbreaking projects but also stand a chance to benefit from the future growth and commercialization of these solutions. 

We encourage you to explore the potential of each DAO and consider becoming a part of this transformative movement. To learn more about how you can invest in the DAOs:

Join us as we forge ahead, pushing the boundaries of technology and making a lasting impact on the world!

Thank you for your continued support and belief in the power of decentralized innovation.

Best regards,



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