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Dear Kambria community,

Here we are at the end of 2022, let’s look back to our journey this year and see what’s ahead.

The 2022 Year In Review: The Inception Of New Technology Communities

“…We are entering a new age, the current iteration will become the badlands, where unknown wallets lurk in the shadows, we will see the rise of a new blockchain economy, not one driven by greed, but instead driven by trust, not trustlessness. There is an irony in having come full circle, yet I find myself more excited than ever. I won’t step foot into the badlands again, but I’m vastly excited about this new future…”

Andre Cronjie wrote the article The rise and fall of crypto culture in April 2022, not long before the falls of LUNA / Terra in May, and FTX in November.

We wish you are alright in the storms. 

For us, we took this time to lay the foundation for new communities, because we believe there will be a new future.

April to June 2022 – Discord playground

After the Announcement of Migration from Telegram to Discord in April, we kicked start 4 Community Contest series:

  • Deeptech Project Nomination Contests call the Kambria community to nominate Deeptech Projects around the world for Kambria to introduce them in our Project Portfolio Program.
  • Innovative Organization Nomination Contests invite Kambrians to suggest organizations from around the world for Kambria to invite to the Kambria Open Innovation Hub.
  • Deeptech Expert Nomination Contests invite our community to nominate experts so that our community can learn and share knowledge with them. Additionally, they can become mentors or judges of technology projects and evaluate project quality.
  • And aiming to nurture the spirit of learning and sharing with each other in our community, we call on the Kambria community to create EdVids for Kambria Knowledge Base with EdVid Creation Contests.

These series are now running the first two pilot episodes, with efforts to improve the framework such as:

  • Bringing Community Contests to the Bounty portal on the Kambria platform so that community participation could be fully recorded and Credit rewards could be fully applied.
  • Improving Contest voting rules to honor community active members and promote healthy competition.
  • Implementing Quarterly Engagement Rewards for Top Active Members in our community.
Key directions to build the Kambria community:

  • Bringing key stakeholders of the Kambria ecosystem such as Innovators, Solution seekers, Token holders, and other Partnerships to one place (Kambria Discord) so that they could be able to interact and exchange values.
  • Building Kambria DAOs communities also in Kambria Discord where DAO partners and anyone interested in the DAOs can join and share their ideas, opinions or proposals for the development of the DAOs.
  • Organizing Community Contests such as Deeptech Project / Expert / Innovative Organization Nomination and EdVid Creation so that we can grow Kambria Network and Knowledge Base from our own community. Moreover, the community can share and learn together to earn rewards and stay updated in the technology age.
  • Accelerating the adoption of Kambria tokens in Kambria DAOs’ interactions so that we can strengthen our tokenomics.

June to December 2022 – Kambria DAOs and the pre-launch of the first 3 DAOs

As you may already know, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is increasingly interested and adopted. 

In which, a community uses blockchain to facilitate decentralized autonomy. The control is spread out among all members who can use governance tokens to vote on DAO’s rules or changes. By this, we can empower the community with trust, transparency, and automation, and enable open-source solutions to be commercialized by their community. 

The more we go deeper into it, the more we believe it will be the social structure of the new age. And by adopting DAO as a way for the community to co-own a technology, we will come closer to Kambria’s vision of democratizing technology ownership and accelerating innovations.

DAO also solves the limitation of the Kambria Starter Program where solution development stages are only PoC (proof of concept) or MVP (minimum viable product). With Kambria DAOs, we can go further to complete and bring the technology solutions to commercialization.

Playing the role of the Architect for Kambria DAOs, our first important step is to design the governance model because it would be the foundation on which our community will build the whole technology world together. If you want to understand the overview of Kambria DAOs, the governance model, and how we are implementing it, please read these articles:

In short:

  • Kambria DAOs is a model for a community to co-own a technology. Each DAO is started by a Dev Team submitting their proposal with a solution of technology they can develop and open for the community to co-own. The community collectively buys into the solution by participating in the DAO. Then the Dev Team starts to develop the solution and the development progress will be managed monthly. And the DAO as owners of the solution will decide and contribute to the commercialization, as well as get paid for their contribution.
  • We are launching the first 3 DAOs for robotics solutions for Pet Care, Mine Clearing, and Ocean Cleanup. These DAOs will run on the XDAO platform, which supports different blockchains. Kambria DAOs will be on ETH and BSC to follow the direction of Kambria tokens.

Behind the scenes, the Kambria team has been developing modules to integrate into the XDAO platform to follow Kambria DAOs’ governance model.

For the community, we organized an Info Session of Pet Care Robot DAO in October and of Mine Clearing Robot DAO in November to provide more information about this initiative and our partnership invitations. You can find a lot of information from these events in the Pet Care Robot DAO Info Session recap and Mine Clearing Robot DAO – Info Session Recap.

Pet owner families, Animal rescue, Mine action projects, Villager living in a landmine area, Doctors, and Developers… are the guests we invited to share their stories in the DAO Info sessions, aiming to raise public awareness about pet companionship and mine action, as well as to bridge the gap between technology and society problems.

2023 Roadmap: The Manifestation of Kambria DAOs

The next year 2023 is a very important milestone for Kambria, with the following plan:

Listing KAT BSC

As informed in Kambria token plan updated December 2022:

  • Kambria tokens will be consolidated into KAT ERC20 and KAT BEP20
  • All KYTE BEP20, KYTE ERC20 and KAT BEP2 will be migrated to KAT BEP20
  • KAT ERC20 can be converted to KAT BEP20 (optional)
  • KAT BEP20 will be minted according to the tokens burned in the migration and conversion
  • And KAT BEP20 will be listed on a centralized exchange (KAT ERC20 is already listed on KuCoin)

We are also working on the KAT BEP20 listing plan:

  • Our criteria to look for the exchange partner is still the same as mentioned in Kambria Token Plan Update Sep 2021: they are in the Top 30 CoinMarketCap and their requirement of trading volume is in line with our capability.
  • The timing would be in Q1-Q2 2023. 
  • KAT’s target price in 2023 is aimed at $0.03 then $0.3.

Please stay tuned for our listing announcement when we are ready.

Launching the first 3 DAOs

Currently, we are calling for Developer Teams all around the world to submit their proposals for robotics solutions for Pet Care, Mine Clearing, and Ocean Cleanup.

Then we will have online DAO launch events for Dev Teams to present their proposals, and Q&A from Community and Experts, and we will kick start the fundraising on XDAO. The average fund goal for each DAO is $3M. We will start the Development phase when the fund raised passes 50% of the target.

Info session

– Kambria Introduction

– Guest talks

– Sharing “My stories”

Oct 7, 2022Nov 4, 2022Mar 3, 2023
Dev Team Proposal submissionApr 14, 2023May 5, 2023May 26, 2023
Online DAO Launch event:

– Dev Teams present proposals – Q&A from Community & Expert

– Kickstart the fundraising on XDAO – How to join

May 19, 2023June 9, 2023June 30, 2023


Growing Kambria community – Coming together

Our goal is to incubate 1-2 new DAO(s) each quarter so that in the next 5 years, we can grow to 30 DAOs. Meaning 30 technology solutions for society, and 30 communities to co-own and operate these solutions.

And as for the role of the Architect, we cannot and do not want to do it alone. We are calling for DAO partnerships such as Manufacturers, Channel Partners, Service Partners, Community Partners, and Fund Contributors… The DAO community will play an important role to nominate partners as well as reviewing partners’ work.

Imagine YOU, whoever you are, wherever you are, can be a part of these technology communities.

Imagine US, coming together, with our technology, we can help make our society healthier with pet companionship, safer with mine-free lands, and more sustainable with plastic-free water sources…

Let’s make this happen, TOGETHER.

Meet us at our Discord community, or connect us via info@kambria.io

Thank you for being with us, and cheers to the abundant New Year!

Sincerely yours,



Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.