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MK Hicks, Andra Keays, Tra Vu, Jessie Armstrong (pictured left to right)
MK Hicks, Andra Keays, Tra Vu, Jessie Armstrong (pictured left to right)

We have been full steam ahead, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking time to host events. Recently, we joined Silicon Valley Robotics, the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world. As a result, we hosted Silicon Valley Robotics professionals in our Open Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley. The event, “Women in Robotics,” was full of food and fun, as we took our newest partners on a tour throughout our manufacturing facilities. With a special interest in robotics, it’s always great to see professional’s reactions when we show them just how quickly and cost-effective we can build an entire robot. Each robot can be built in just about one day, making us a lean, mean, robot-printing machine.

Tra Vu, Jessie Armstrong, and MK Hicks talking 3D Printing
Tra Vu, Jessie Armstrong, and MK Hicks talk 3D Printing

This event was not just a “get-together” but a mashup of seasoned talent within the robotics space. After the tour of the OhmniLabs manufacturing facility, we settled in to the Open Innovation Hub began to dive into what our work really means to us. Being driven to innovate, Silicon Valley Robotics is a treasure chest of valuable information and experience. We talked work-life balance, family support, and how to use our influence to make a positive impact. In addition to being a meet-up, the event was an intimate mentoring session from the high-level experience of Silicon Valley Robotics. Dedicated to providing support to start-up robotics companies, SVR as become a staple in Silicon Valley, where some of the greatest technologies in the world are born.

Tra showing off our line of freshly printed robots.
Tra showing off our line of freshly printed robots.

Among the attendees was Andra Keay, robotic pioneer and Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics. Andra is a legend in her own right, and speaks frequently about the future impact of the technology. Her goal with SVR is to assist with the commercialization of robotic start-ups. To understand the mission of SVR, and to learn more about Andra, watch this incredibly informative interview with Udacity. Andra spent a great deal of time with us providing valuable insights into her experiences, trials, triumphs, and lessons in the robotics business. Her specialty being in robotic start-ups, it was a genuine pleasure to hear her feedback about what Kambria is building. Andra has been extremely active in the robotics circuit, taking engagements all across the globe, and advocating for the development of the space. She is a committee member of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, and involved in several other AI & Robotics ventures including the Creative Destruction Lab, Mindfire Global, and The Robotics Hub.  

Dhana Pawar, Tra Vu, Andra Keay
Dhana Pawar, Tra Vu, Andra Keay with our newest robotic arm. (Cobot)
Showing off the printing farm at OhmniLabs
Showing off the printing farm at OhmniLabs

In addition to Andra, there were several other attendees at the Women in Robotics event. We had a great time with Jessica Armstrong, who is a structural engineer with a passion for building and coding in robotics, and MK Hicks, CRO and strategic planner for InFRONT Agency.

Overall, the event was rich in conversation, education, and expertise. We look forward to hosting more events with SVR in the future as we continue to build our network of innovators, supporters, and companies who aim to lead the Kambrian explosion in technological advances. Until next time!

The Kambria Team

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