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As a multi-billion dollar economy, the AI and Robotics industry are seeing technological advancements on a daily basis. Autonomous cars and assistance robots are two of the categories that are often topics for discussion. Many people are scared of change, but it is important to innovate, test and try new things if we want to move forward. New designs and innovations can change our future for the better.

It is, however, important to research potential downsides to new innovations. For instance, bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technological singularity are two challenges that need to be addressed. Bias in AI occurs when a computer system reflects the implicit values of the people that are involved in the coding, collecting or selecting of the algorithm used to be implemented in the AI based device. Technological Singularity is the phenomenon that artificial superintelligence (ASI) will become smarter than human beings.

Full article: https://www.blockdelta.io/why-ai-robotics-and-blockchain-are-a-smart-combination/


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