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On August 19th, 2018, the Vietnam Innovation Network program was officially launched by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Government officials from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Education and Training, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is an initiative to gather talented Vietnamese scientists and tech experts living overseas in an effort to help Vietnam leap toward the Industrial Revolution 4.0. As one of the first 100 pioneers in the Vietnam Innovation Network, Stanford PhD Dr. Thuc Vu, was in Hanoi to share details regarding his innovative project Kambria. Let’s discuss the similarities between the Vietnam Innovation Network and the Kambria project regarding their impacts on the above effort toward Industry 4.0.

Cooperation among the government, businesses, and intellects — both domestically and abroad

Vietnam Innovation Network is one of the Vietnamese Government’s primary initiatives to invest in the development of Industry 4.0. It is part of the national strategy on Industry 4.0 to create a platform for conversations among the government, businesses, and intellects both domestically and abroad. Pioneers in these initiatives, including major tech corporations such as Viettel and Vingroup, have conducted many transformational activities to move toward the technological development goals that the government has formed.

To move the transformation process more rapidly, however, there should be a medium that enables all participants, either domestic or abroad, to more easily collaborate with each other. Kambria’s role in the process is to become an open innovation platform for collaboration in advanced technology that is decentralized and does not depend on any individual or organization. As Kambria becomes stronger, with more participants on the platform, there will be more opportunities and benefits for all contributors.

Young intellects and representatives from the business sector — Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, CEO of Vingroup

Focus on investing in human capital through education and real-life experience

The “Vietnam Innovation Network” program considers human capital to be an important factor for the country’s readiness for Industry 4.0. Human capital is developed and nurtured through three goals in education:

  • Education in parallel with research: Research & Development (R&D) — together with regular upgrades in educational curriculums — is important to improving human resource capabilities. Kambria is focused on building an ecosystem of “innovation labs” in multiple verticals, including AI, Robotics, Blockchain, and Biochemistry, to support and increase the number of qualified researchers. In addition, Kambria will invite top researchers from top-ranked universities and technology hubs including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and Silicon Valley to Vietnam for educational programs related to these advanced technologies.
  • Real-life experience: It is important to have an ecosystem for students and researchers to participate in Industry 4.0 projects. Kambria will play a critical role in facilitating connections between governments, NGOs and businesses that have a demand for development in advanced technology and Vietnam’s rich resources. Through the Kambria platform, these entities can organize competitions for innovative ideas and solutions. This, in turn, will provide unique and valuable learning opportunities for Vietnamese students, as well as opportunities for real-life contributions from Vietnamese researchers and intellects.
  • Educational output: According to the Ministry of Education and Training, education must be aligned with career opportunities in technology. As an open innovation platform for collaboration in advance technology, Kambria will contribute to such output through career orientation activities at universities.

An open innovation platform to utilize human intellect resources

Kambria’s open-source platform helps bring innovations in advanced technology to everyone in a decentralized manner. This means that everyone from researchers, engineers, businesses or governments can access to the same innovation resources. Opportunities in advanced technology will not overly depend on IP protected innovations from multinational companies or developed countries. This will be an opportunity for Vietnam to realize substantial advancements in the area of Industry 4.0.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at info@kambria.io or Telegram. We always love hearing from you all!

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