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Vietnam Ai Grand Challenge Finalist graphic

Last week, our community actively participated in the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge by casting votes for their favorite teams. The 12 Grand Finalist Teams still competing will be invited to the Kambria AI Incubation Program, where they will be mentored for one month by experienced AI professionals to develop their projects for the Grand Finale. 

Other benefits of the Incubation Program include:

  • $3000 AWS credits
  • VND 1 million Gift Voucher at Highlands Coffee
  • Elsa Speak Pro 1-year accounts for all team members
  • Seating for teamwork at Kambria, DNES, Cinnamon AI, UP Coworking Spaces
  • 2 mentoring sessions with AI experts
  • 2+ meetings with corporate partners
  • 2 online coaching sessions in Business & English Pitch
  • 3-4 technical workshops
  • Membership in the Facebook group Kambria AI Incubation Program
  • Airfare and accommodation to Hanoi for Grand Finale

Community Voting Round 2 Begins!

Now it’s time to lay it all on the line for the team you believe should win the Grand Prize! This is your chance to participate in shaping the outcome of the Challenge and to support all of the amazing teams competing to create the Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant

The candidates of this online round are the 11 winning teams from each hackathon round plus one team selected through Community Voting Round 1. Follow the instructions below on how to use your KAT tokens to cast your vote. You and your favorite Grand Finalist team could win big! The team with the most votes will receive extra points in the finale. See the Voting Structure below for more details. 

How Voting Works

  1. Login or register for an account: app.kambria.io/vagc-vote-for-grand-finalist-team
  2. Connect to your Kambria wallet. If you don’t already hold KAT, see details below on where to purchase. 
  3. Review projects for the 12 teams and decide on your favorite.
  4. Click “Vote for This Team”
  5. Decide the number of votes you want to cast. 1 vote = 1000 KAT. The corresponding amount will be deducted from your wallet.

Please note: 

  1. You may vote for more than one team. 
  2. You may not withdraw your vote after voting. But you may add more votes later before the voting ends. 
  3. All KAT used for voting will be kept in a Prize Pool escrow account.

Voting Begins: 7:00 PM UTC+7, July 31st 

Voting Ends: 11:59 PM UTC+7, August 15th 


Each Kambrian who voted for the winning Grand Finale team will be entered into a random prize draw. 

5 lucky Kambrians will be chosen to win the following prizes:

First Prize Winner: 40% of KAT in Prize Pool + $500 worth of KAT

Second Prize Winner: 30% of KAT in Prize Pool + $200 worth of KAT

3 x Third Prize Winners: 3  x (10% of KAT in Prize Pool + $100 worth of KAT)

Each vote gives you one ticket for the draw. The more votes you cast, the greater your chances of winning. Third Prize Winners will be chosen first. Each voter can only win one prize. For example, if you win the First Prize, you cannot win the Second or Third Prizes.

Voting Structure

For the Grand Finale, teams will be ranked using the following structure:

  • Online Voting: 15%
  • Offline Voting: 10%
  • Corporate Judge: 35%
  • Technical/Knowledge Judge: 40%

For Online Voting

  • For the first 100 votes, every 20 votes = 1% or 1 point
  • For votes between 101 and 250, every 30 votes = 1% or 1 point
  • For votes between 251 to 450, every 40 votes = 1% or 1 point

To receive the full Online Voting percentage of 15%, each team needs at least 450 votes 


To be eligible for any prizes payable in KAT, you must pass a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check and verify that you are not a citizen or resident of the following countries: Balkans, Belarus, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Nicaragua, North Korea, People’s Republic of China, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, United States of America, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Where to Purchase KAT

If you don’t already hold KAT, you can purchase it through one of these exchanges: KuCoin, Bibox, BitMart, CoinAll, CPDAX, Allbit, DragonEX, Exrates, VINEX Network.

Show your support! Vote now for the Grand Finalist team you believe should win the Grand Prize.


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