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Kambria is so excited to launch its Open Innovation Hub Program next week on Tuesday, January 29th! Located in Silicon Valley, Vietnam, India, and other countries, our Innovation Hub is an integral part of our strategy for building a vibrant, integrated ecosystem around the world. For many reasons, our Hub is an ideal way to execute on the long-term goals we set out for ourselves in our Master Plan based on how they support strong tokenomics, how they help us create a strong developer community, and how they will lead to the generation of real-world revenue streams. Read on to learn more about the role of the Innovation Hub and how this program will help us reach our audacious goals!

Background and Purpose of Our Hub

In the wake of the Innovation 4.0 movement, there has been an explosion in the demand for advanced technologies such as AI & Robotics, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning in many sectors including banking, healthcare, energy, e-commerce, and logistics. Early adoption and adept application of these frontier technologies can transform industries. In fact, winning today requires a company to succeed at translating brilliant ideas and inventions into rapid prototypes and mature products or services that bring real value to end-users ASAP! This Innovation process, when coupled with an Open Source approach, can trump both capital and scale.

Unfortunately, companies struggle to innovate. Large teams are slow to deliver, and when they do, the technology often falls short of expectations or fails to scale. On the other hand, it’s well-known that some of the best sources of creativity and innovation are found in the startup ecosystem. Through joint innovation, large companies and innovative startups can mutually benefit from broad expertise to deliver tailored and impactful solutions to end-users.

This is where our Innovation Hub comes into play.

Kambria aims to foster joint collaboration by connecting pools of raw talent, world-class engineers, and scientists with large corporations. Our Innovation Hub will help corporations access the technology they need and to incubate unicorn startups with the potential to scale globally and create a worldwide impact.

In addition to developers and large corporations, Hub stakeholders include universities with their own rich talent pools and existing technology licenses; existing startup and open source projects who can use Hub resources to jumpstart or even propel their projects; mentors and advisors who can serve as subject-matter experts to Hub teams; and governments seeking high-tech partnerships.

Supporting a Strong Token Economy

As a network of physical research and development labs across the globe, the Innovation Hub will be Kambria’s local champion in promoting and accelerating the use of KAT to develop new, advanced technologies. Through our Hub, teams will work on technologies under the supervision and mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs and technical experts from all over the world to build the technology stack of a specific vertical. The teams can use KAT tokens to gain access to the existing codebase, premium content, training programs, prototyping services, and more.

Proposed Hub services and activities include:

  • A tech shop and access to hardware such as 3D printers, computers, and workspace
  • A talent development program including mentoring, training and certification
  • Community development featuring hackathons and bounty challenges
  • Access to the Kambria Open Innovation platform which includes the use of our high-level KDNA codebase, access to prototyping and manufacturing services
  • Collaboration opportunities with Kambria development team members and other innovation hubs members worldwide
  • Potential to receive funding from other VCs in the network and to receive support in building out a new project

As mentioned, many Hub services will utilize a membership feature, dues of which will be payable in KAT, thereby supporting the value of the token.

Creating a Strong Developer Community

It goes without saying that developers are the backbone of the Kambria ecosystem and therefore, vitally important to our Innovation Hub. Developers will have the ability to collaborate directly with Kambria platform users around the world on both hardware and software projects. Through the Hub, they will be actively supported in their endeavors. Developers who previously found themselves held back because they worked independently or on a small team will be able to unleash their full potential in our innovative and collaborative environment.

As noted above, developers will have access to the resources and services we provide. They will benefit from mentoring and advising, they will be able to access 3D printing, Kambria’s high-level KDNA codebase, and more. They will also benefit from educational programs and training provided through the Hub. We are committed to supporting our open-source developers and the Innovation Hub is a great way to do that.

Generating Real-World Revenue Streams

In addition to supporting developers, the Innovation Hub will support the generation of real-world revenue streams, which is important to the growth and success of any ecosystem. Planned revenue-generating activities include managing joint ventures with our partners. The Hub will be able to provide sourcing services for corporations seeking ideas and tech to integrate into their businesses. For such companies, Kambria will be able to organize hackathons, challenges, and exclusive recruitment programs to uncover experts within specific verticals.

In addition, the Hub will provide consulting services to our corporate clients. Kambria will work closely with internal client teams to identify problems and opportunities and to design solutions using both our internal team and our open source community. If appropriate, we may also be able to deploy the technology itself on behalf of our clients.

Lastly, the Hub will be a source of development services where companies can purchase well-defined, stand-alone technology solutions for a specific need. All of these services will be provided for a fee in order to generate real-world revenue.

Our Open Innovation Hub Program officially launches on January 29th! If you are in Silicon Valley, please visit our new space — we would love to see you! And stay tuned for news about the opening of other sites around the world including Vietnam, India, and Japan.

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Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.

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