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Dive into the world of NFTs with Pet Care Robot DAO's exciting Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Sale Referral Contest. Explore stunning NFT artworks, win rewards, and be a part of our vibrant NFT collection community bow!


Following upcoming DAO events and establishing activities for the community to participate in, Kambria is excited to introduce a new activity named The Ripple Effect for Society: Pet Care Robot DAO - Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Sale Referral Contest.

In addition to starting the Referral Program for Pet Care Robot DAO - Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Sale, Kambria organized a contest to encourage the community to engage in spreading out the Animal Kingdom NFT collection to more people through the Referral Contest program. Participants (Referrers) in this contest will refer new users or friends to the Animal Kingdom NFT collection on NFTify marketplace to purchase NFTs. The more customers you refer, the more rewards you will receive in addition to commission sales from the Referral Program.

Benefits for Referrers: Referrers will receive 5% on each successful transaction. In addition, the top referrers will have a chance to win this contest’s rewards and become a DAO Council member.

Benefits for NFT buyers: In addition to owning NFTs, buyers of NFTs in The Pet Care Robot DAO - Animal Kingdom NFT Sale will receive LP Tokens equivalent to up to a 20% discount.

Let's see what you should do to participate in this contest: 


The participants will join the Referral Program in the Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Sale of Kambria Pet Care Robot DAO. To see how to join the Referral Program, please follow the instructions as below:

  • Step 1: Referral participants create a new account on NFTify with this instruction.  
  • Step 2: The referral participant will generate a Referral link on the NFTify marketplace with this instruction.
  • Step 3: Fill Referral Program Registration Form
  • Step 4: Kambria will review the form filled, and will confirm via email. 
  • Step 5: Referral Partners will introduce buyers to buy Animal Kingdom NFT Collection
  • Step 6: Once purchases are made successfully, kindly request the buyers to send you a copy of the transaction confirmation emails from NFTify and CC bounty@kambria.io.  
  • Step 7: Referral Partners will provide this information of your customers whom you referred this month to claim their rewards via this Monthly Submission Form. It should be noted that the payment will be reviewed and paid on a monthly basis (from 1 to 10 each month).

At the completion of the Animal Kingdom NFT Collection Sale, the top three referral partners with the most referral sales will be rewarded. (in addition to the fee on each sale).


The top 3 referrers will be rewarded: 

  • 1st Prize (>=4 sales): 200$ in KAT BEP20 + 1 NFT in the collection by choice
  • 2nd Prize (>= 3 sales): 150$ in KAT BEP20 + 1 NFT in the collection by choice
  • 3rd Prize (>= 2 sales): 100$ in KAT BEP20 + 1 NFT in the collection by choice

In addition, participants will receive reward Credits and the chance to become a DAO Council member in terms of participation in the DAO businesses with the point reward system of DAO

  • We will implement a point reward system for DAO members to accumulate points each time they participate in DAO activities (inherited from the Kambria Credit system on Kambria platform).
  • Top Active Members (with the most points accumulated in Year X, forming the group of Year X) will join the DAO Council for the 1-year term of Year X+1, with GTs transferred from the group of Year X-1.
  • Each member of this group will have 4 GTs equally (max 100 members).
  • Note that this group should be diversified by locals and expertise to be the country leaders of the DAO hubs (for local production and commercialization…), which could become subDAOs in the later phases. 

Stay Up to Date! Join our Discord for the latest on exclusive NFT artworks and upcoming NFT collection sales, or contact the Kambria Admin team with any questions or problems.

Looking forward to your participation. Let's work together to bring out innovative contributions to society!




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