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With the conclusion of the Quiz 03 – Kambria Code Challenge, we would like to provide a quick recap of the event, as well as tell you how you can practice Quiz 03 to improve your skills in artificial intelligence. Centered around Recurrent Neural Networks, Quiz 03 was a success. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the event and our community partners TopDev and VietAI.

The exam was designed to be both challenging and rewarding, so we would like to congratulate the winners of Quiz 03. You earned it! Read on to find key points from the event, who our winners are, and how you can practice to improve upon your skills!

Key points for Kambria Code Challenge Quiz 03:

  • Quiz 03, which took place on Saturday, May 2nd, attracted 209 participants!
  • Participants answered 15 questions in both multiple choice and short answer formats.
  • The quiz focused on Recurrent Neural Networks.
  • No participants achieved a perfect score in Quiz 03. The highest score in this quiz is a very impressive 8.5 points. Well done!
  • Top 10 scoring participants were listed on the leaderboard.
  • Top 10 scoring participants will have an opportunity to connect with Kambria corporate partners for career opportunities.
  • Kambria matched the rewards for both the winners & early registration prizes and donated 14,106,000 VND ($600) to the “All citizens support the prevention and control of COVID-19” initiative, organized by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.
List winners of Quiz 03:

🏆Winner: Le Nhat

🥇1st Runner-Up: Le Thanh Phuoc Hieu

🥈2nd Runner-Up: Huynh Nguyen Thien Nhan

🥈2nd Runner-Up: Truong Xuan Thanh

Practice, Practice, Practice!

If you were unable to attend, we have great news for you! We are opening Quiz 03 so you can review and practice the exam. It is highly recommended to work and read through both the quiz and answers, as they contain insights about future Kambria Code Challenges, and how they will be formatted in the future.🔥

To get started, simply login to your Kambria account by clicking the link below, and then click “Practice Quiz 03”. After you complete the quiz, all of the answers will be available so you can review the correct answers to help sharpen your skills in Recurrent Neural Networks. 

Practice Quiz 03 at: http://bit.ly/KambriaQuiz03

We are happy to announce that with your help, we were able to donate 14,106,000 VND ($600) to aid the fight against COVID-19. The Vietnam initiative “All citizens support the prevention and control of COVID-19” organized by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam will be allocating the funding towards providing public assistance to those who have been impacted by the pandemic. We’d like to thank our wonderful community for participating in the Quiz 03 to help us provide this support for the local communities in Vietnam.


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