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Kambria has successfully organized the Pet Care Robot DAO - Info Seminar Session on Oct 7th, 2022.

Besides sharing more information about this initiative and our partnership invitations, Kambria would love to take this opportunity to raise public awareness about animal companionship, with a cozy sharing from pet lovers about their pets, or their own stories. The goal to integrate amazing features into pet care robots is always in association with our hopes that there would be more opportunities for dogs, and cats to be adopted, and pet owners could take better care of their pets.  

Table of Contents

  1. Kambria Introduction:
  2. Guest Talks:
    1. Nhi & Chi - "Some thoughts about pet companionship”
    2. Ms. Minh Nguyen - "Some thoughts about pet companionship”
    3. Ms. Khanh Ngo - “Our journey to end the pain and suffering of all species” 
    4. Toan Nguyen - “A look at current Pet Care Robots”
  3. Fun Sharing:
  4. Q&A
  5. Next milestones:

- - - - - 🔹 - - - - -

Kambria Introduction:

Dr. Thuc Vu, Founder of Kambria, kicked off the Info Session by sharing the overview of Kambria, Kambria DAOs, and the Pet Care Robot DAO. 

Kambria DAO is a new way of building community by co-owning, co-developing, and co-commercializing Technology solutions. Kambria is going to launch the 2 first DAOs which are Pet Care Robot DAO and Mine Clearing Robot DAO.

In this section, Dr. Thuc presented more details about Pet Care Robot DAO. He pointed out impressive data in regard to Pet Care Industrial and this is a massive market in the world, especially in the US and Europe. 

Owning a pet has many advantages for people, including not only physical but also mental health benefits. However, these advantages come together with the responsibility of caring for these furry friends, such as cleaning feathers and picking poo. 

Currently, There are currently technology products that assist owners to care for their pets, but they are still quite stand-alone and have not yet combined many features. As a result, we believe that is insufficient for pet owners and our "furry friends". We would love to contribute to the creation of a more comprehensive solution that can assist people in caring for their pets. That is why Kambria launched the Pet Care Robot DAO.

The DAO has two main phases: 

Phase 1: Develop a Pet Care Robot Solution

Phase 2: Commercialize the solution

There are a couple of different key partners that we would like to highlight:

1. Dev Teams, especially the Developers who will propose the solution that they want to build. The proposal needs to include an introduction about the team's background and capabilities, the development plan, demonstration works, and a quotation. 

2. Services Partners, especially people who are already in the chain, working with pets, providing various types of services. They have relevant experience with what pets really need, and what pet owners really care about. 

  • For this type of partner, we would love to have them participate in the early stages of the development phase to give out the needs from the user's perspective and share ideas for Dev Team.
  • Later on, once the product is finalized, they can help with the commercialization and implementation of their services to these robots.

3. Fund Contributors, especially people who come together to invest in these technology solutions. In this part, Dr. Thuc Vu pointed out some highlighted financial information about the Global Pet Care Robot market and the allocation of DAO Funds and Revenue as per the Kambria DAO model.

4. Community Partners, people who are spreading the good works about DAO solutions. They can support testing solutions at an early stage to give feedback to make sure that our technology gets into the right hands, providing the right services to our pets.

Dr. Thuc Vu concluded his presentation by informing the community about the next activities of Pet Care Robot DAO.

Guest Talks:

Kambria would love to share highlights of meaningful and touching stories from our beloved guests’ sharing:

Nhi & Chi - "Some thoughts about pet companionship”

The 1st sharing was from Nhi and Chi, 10 years old and 8 years old kids, who are passionate about doing research to learn about pets’ languages and behaviors. 

In this session, we will hear about two pet lovers, Nhi and Chi, who live in the United States and have a great love for animals and they will share with us the topic: "Some thoughts about pet companionship."

Chi stated at the start of the presentation that they are currently having 8 birds, 4 adults, and 4 babies. Nhi and Chi genuinely love pets, and their parents encourage them to spend more time with pets. They shared that they try to interact with pets as much as possible wherever they go. Owning and caring for pets helps them grow up loving and caring for pets and animals.

Nhi then talked about how "animals make us happier." She stated at the start of her speech that "A person could be a "good" or "bad" person. But a person who has pet(s) and takes good care of their pet(s), they could not be a "bad" person". Nhi also presented four main reasons why pets help us become better versions of ourselves in this section:

  1. They make us feel better.
  2. We gain a better understanding of how to care for ourselves, our pets, and others.
  3. We gain a better understanding of and appreciation for nature.
  4. They allow us to have a hobby.

Following on from the last benefit Nhi mentioned: Pets/animals let us have new hobbies, Chi shared that taking care of pets has inspired her to discover and experience many new activities at home such as making a cover for a writing journal, writing assignment about birds, creating ideas for T-shirt design, writing love message for sister, making a card for teacher, making a bookmark, and writing a "magic bird" story.

Nhi and Chi concluded their adorable presentation by saying: "Having pets is one of the best gifts of our childhood."


Ms. Minh Nguyen - "Some thoughts about pet companionship”

The 2nd sharing was from Ms. Minh Nguyen, a Ph.D in Genetics, an enthusiast for cancer study and the genetic root of all things, and a happy mom. 

Ms. Minh presented "Some Thoughts About Pet Companionship" from the perspective of emotional psychology when people have pets.

Ms. Minh stated at the start of the presentation that there are three main benefits to pet companionship/ownership based on numerous studies over the last ten years. These are the advantages: reduce stress; improve the quality of life of people suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer, dementia, and various neurological disorders; improve the quality of life of people suffering from COVID isolation, perinatal mentality, depression, loneliness, loss of loved ones, exam period, old age, and so on. Ms. Minh also discussed a Human-animal focused integrative model of stress and perinatal mental health research by a team of scientists in the United States in this section.

Ms. Minh did raise the question of whether innovative technologies such as robotics technology can produce similar effects in the following section. According to some research, the answer is maybe. It is not entirely clear due to numerous flaws in the robot's design as well as numerous factors that consider the social economy systems and the well-being of the person who participated in the research. And the need is obvious among the elderly and the emerging pediatric population.

Ms. Minh concluded her presentation by asking, "Why did pets come into our lives?". She gave us two main reasons: one is to help us in our time of need, and the other is to teach us about loving ourselves and others.


Ms. Khanh Ngo - “Our journey to end the pain and suffering of all species” 

The 3rd sharing in this part was from Ms. Khanh Ngo, Founder of an animal rescue named Cat Garden Station, with precious belief that "a place filled with love is heaven".

Starting with an introductory video about Ms. Khanh Ngo's journey to start and build Cat Garden Station. This video shared the daily tasks that take place at the Station as well as stories from the Station's founder, Ms. Khanh Ngo. The station has rescued and adopted over 200 stray cats since its founding in 2020.

However, Ms. Khanh also stated that she encountered numerous difficulties while working on this project. She stated that while caring for one cat is simple, caring for 100 cats is a different story. She ran into problems while running the station, such as a lack of resources (people, time, energy, and money) as well as a lack of veterinary knowledge.

Finally, Ms. Khanh shared a memorable story about going to rescue a cat but being unable to save her due to human factors. She also shared in the above story that the concept of recusing is still new to Vietnamese people and that animal rescue activities require everyone's cooperation and support. Finally, she would like to send to everyone that "Pets/Animals, especially Dogs and Cats, are also my best friends. So if you have brought up them, please love and be responsible with them."


Toan Nguyen - “A look at current Pet Care Robots”

The final sharing came from Dr. Toan Nguyen, a senior Robotics Engineer at OhmniLabs Viet Nam. He has had a long time studying and working with multiple types of robots and automation systems in different fields including research, industry, and daily life.

Dr. Toan Nguyen, as a Developer, shared the topic "A look at current Pet Care Robots" in this session, as well as recommendations to Dev teams on approaches to developing Pet Care Robot solutions.

Mr. Toan began the presentation by providing market data for Pet Care Robot Solutions: what pet care robots support pet owners, why is the pet care robots market growing, and where are pet care robots major markets.

Mr. Toan then provided development approaches by classifying pet care robots. He suggested that the development team can take one of two approaches including development based on the product type or development based on the application.

Mr. Toan presented some considerations for the Dev team during the solution development phase in the concluding part such as concentrating on the needs of pets and pet owners as well as focusing on the regional market.

Fun Sharing:

1. Mr. Toan and Ms. Minh shared with us the first topic “A moment that you enjoy with your pet.”  

  • Currently, Mr. Toan has two dogs. Two cute dogs, always with begging faces, stand in front of the door every morning to prevent him from leaving the house without playing with them. Mr. Toan enjoys the moment when he can stay and play with his pets. They give him more energy and he is grateful for that moment. Every day when he comes back from work, they also show the begging faces to let them have a chance to run around the yard or the corridor, so they also have time to practice and do exercise. Mr. Toan loves doing that with them and always encourages them as much as possible because it’s good for the pets’ health. He noticed that there were some days when he could not let them run, they felt unhappy and they didn’t eat well.
  • Ms. Minh used to have many dogs and cats in her childhood. Even though they passed away, Ms. Minh will always love them, enjoy their company with them, and respect them as friends. Pets come with us, support us in special times, and take away negative energy.     

2. The second topic is “How do you take care of your pet?”.

  • Nhi and Chi are taking care of their budgies. For the food, they change it once a day or once in two days, and also have rewards for the birds with a special treat which is millet spray. Nhi and Chi will have to change the water if it is dirty or when the birds bathe. The adorable kids play with them daily, and the birds can play with each other as well. In order to protect the birds from being hurt if they accidentally fly out, the kids close the cage. And for cleaning time, the cage will be cleaned every two weeks.
  • For Ms. Khanh, it’s the sharing about the time when she rescues a new “baby”. Ms. Khanh will take it to the vet immediately to do a check-up. In case it has a serious health problem, she will let it stay with the vet so that the vet can take good care of that baby. If the baby is healthy, Ms. Khanh will deworm and vaccinate it. With babies that are under 6 months old, she will find them new homes because her Cat Garden Station cannot be the “Forever Home”. Old pets that are afraid of humans will stay at the Station for the rest of their lives. 

3. “How do you become better of your pet” is our next Fun Sharing topic. 

  • One major thing that Ms. Minh has learned from having a pet is how to say goodbye, and how to live far away from someone that you really love. In her childhood, she had a cat and she really loved it! One day, it just left, and never came back. Like the following nature, one day, we also have to be separated from who we love, and we learn to accept it.
  • For this topic, Nhi and Chi shared that thanks to pets, they are happier and can take better care of themselves. The lovely kids also have new hobbies and can learn more about nature. Pets help them become better in every aspect of life. 

4. Our last topic is “If you have a pet care robot, how do you want it to help you?”

  • Nhi and Chi shared with us that they would love the robot to have functions such as cleaning the cage, preparing food, and playing with the birds. Besides that, the robot can have a sensor to check if the water is dirty or not; and also can close the cage doors at night, and wrap the blanket around the cage.
  • The next sharing is from Mr. Toan with the perspective and experience of a Robotics Engineer. The suggestion here is to set up a security camera system at home mainly for security purposes. Mr. Toan and his wife use the camera to watch their lovely dogs whenever they miss them. Moreover, he would love the pet care robots to function like a toy and also can interact with the robot, and see and control the robot remotely. From that, Mr. Toan can interact with the dogs as well.     


Kambria also would love to quickly share a small section for Q&A and our next milestones:

Via the Registration Forms that Kambria received, we noted 3 key questions and had the support to share the answers from Ms. Lien Cao, CEO of Kambria.

🔸 The 1st question is from Ramesh with the sharing: “I love animals and we believe on blockchain system will more efficiently work on it". And the question is "How can people divert from money, defi, and yield farming to our animals.”

From our understanding, the question means how we can make the community shift their care from money, defi, and yield farming to caring about animals. So our approach is focusing on the groups who share the same goals and views with Kambria first. From that, we can work together as a good example for other groups to join later. We believe that we all have empathy and it's just there are not many projects working in this direction at this moment. However, there will be more and more projects in the future and Kambria is happy to be a part of this movement.

🔸 The 2nd question is from Dr. Abdul Waheed Fatim. He is from CALLVET which provides Animals Birds Health Care Services. Their team is working on the Digitalization of Veterinary Health Care Services. His question is "How can we collaborate and meet physically for this healthy initiative of Pet Care?"

With the sharing in Kambria Introduction, we would love to invite teams who are experienced in doing pet care services to collaborate with this DAO as Service Partners. In the solution development phase, it would be great if you can participate to share with us your insights and suggestions for the Pet Care Robots and test the solution in the pilot phase. Then in the commercialization phase, we can collaborate to implement pet care services using these robots.

🔸 Our 3rd question comes from Abdurazaq Abdulkadir. He is a volunteer with the Innovative Project Support Initiative (IPSI) in Nigeria. This provides funding for student and scholarly initiatives and programs that promote problem-solving and global community development.

He shares his interest in Pet Care Robot DAO: “It's a platform to prepare the young minds of future Robotic Scientists who would pursue careers and become experts and offer services to the global community.” And his question is “What measures have you put in place to ensure the sustainability of the project?”

For this great question, our approach to ensure the sustainability of this project is to build a good governance model with 4 criteria: 

1) Balances the perspectives of various DAO members from those contributing money to those working for the DAOs 

2) Has the mechanism to find the right representatives to make decisions for the DAOs. 

3) Allows us to make decisions fast (and correctly)

4) Allows Kambria as the Organizer / Architect to be able to orchestrate in the early stage, and gradually move backstage when the DAOs are in stable operation. 

Next milestones:

  1. For Pet Care Robot DAO:                  
  • On Nov 4, Dev Teams will submit Proposals.
  • On Nov 25, Kambria will organize an Online DAO Launch Event with key points including: 

       - Dev Teams present Proposals with Q&A from Community and Experts

       - Kickstart the fundraising on XDAO - How to join

  1. For Mine Clearing Robot DAO: An Online Info Session will be organized on Oct 21

If you wish to know more about our DAOs project, feel free to contact us via info@kambria.io or Discord

Join us in pioneering the future of pet care through innovation and social responsibility! The Pet Care Robot DAO is at the forefront of robotics technology and good governance, delivering next-level pet care solutions. Collaborate with us to shape this innovative, responsible, and decentralized pet care landscape. Embrace the future of pet care today – join our mission!


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