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OhmniLabs Image Labeling Bounty

OhmniLabs Image Labeling Bounty

In partnership with OhmniLabs, Kambria is challenging its community to help develop the next generation of Cloud robotics capabilities. This bounty will use image labeling to create a new data set that will be used in AI models developed for the Ohmni® robot in order to improve the way Ohmni responds to its environment in order to boost usability.

How? Well, let’s say you wanted a robot to be able to open and walk through doors. How would you program it to do that? It would have to know what a door looks like, how a door works, what a doorknob, lever or handle is or how they work, etc. And in order to train a robot on these aspects of its environment, you would need clean and comprehensive image datasets based on real-world images that have been labeled. 

That’s where you come in! 

In this first bounty, Kambrians will be rewarded for accurately labeling static images depicting doorknobs, handles and levers. This high-quality image data will be used to create artificial intelligence and machine learning models for autonomous navigation. Ohmni will be trained to recognize these features in order to open a doorknob, push a lever or pull a handle in order to move through a building while being used for telepresence, delivery, security, real estate showings, and more. 

Worry not — all of the tasks in this bounty are easy to complete. They involve identifying handles, levers and knobs in photos and labeling the content through our easy-to-use interface. This bounty does not require any specific or technical knowledge about machine learning to participate and if, therefore, open to anyone in the Kambria community who meets our eligibility requirements*. 

For additional details, please visit the official announcement here.

How Does the Bounty Work?

You will be shown a number of static images and then asked to accurately label each image based on the object pictured. The images are easily identifiable and unambiguous, and therefore, even the most inexperienced community member can quickly and easily label the provided images. Each participant will be assigned a set of images that will take about 2 to 3 hours to complete. Please note that you do not have to complete these images all in one session. You must start and submit your work during the bounty period.

Earn Rewards

All users who successfully and accurately tag all images in their assigned image set will be rewarded with $10 USDT.

How to Register

To register now, please visit: http://bit.ly/OIL-Bounty-Challenge

All Kambria accounts can join the bounty.

Open for Registration: 07:30 PM UTC+7, March 13th, 2020 – 11:59 PM UTC+7, March 27th, 2020

Labeling Period: 00:00 AM UTC+7, March 28th, 2020 – 11:59 PM UTC+7, April 12th, 2020

About OhmniLabs

OhmniLabs is changing the paradigm of robotics development. We thrive at creating flexible robotics modules and scalable additive manufacturing processes. Our flagship product, the Ohmni® Robot, is an award-winning telepresence robot that transforms how people connect. Our Ohmni® Developer Edition is based on more than 200 mature hardware and software modules. It is an affordable human-scale open platform that includes our cloud-based JS framework OhmniAPI. We offer developers, researchers, and students the ability to program Ohmni® robots as easily as developing web pages.

What’s Next

If you would like to participate in this bounty, click here to register. Spots are limited, so do not wait! We will be releasing more information and instructions for the bounty as we get closer to the beginning of the OhmniLabs Image Labeling Bounty.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and LinkedIn to receive up-to-date information on what to expect next. Thank you for participating!

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