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This September, KO Hackathon II is back and now calling for registration.

🚩🚩 Hello Kambrians, we are so excited to bring more initiatives to the community:

  • This month, we are all in for Kambria Online Hackathon II

KO Hackathon II- Opening Ceremony was organized on August 28 with the official announcement of 3 specific challenges: 

  • FPT Software, along with AICOVIDVN Community Project, brings about a challenge on breathing sound anomalies.  
  • Kidspire with their students’ learning activities, works on recommendation system for STEM Education.
  • OhmniLabs and 7 top-notch universities in Vietnam develop robotics applications and increase more accessibility to new types of service robots to Vietnam’s new generations of proactive and talented students.  

🚩🚩REGISTER NOW: https://app.kambria.io/bounty/61286ce7d6d430edc56c164c

Kambria Online Hackathon II contest with a total prize value, along with robotics sponsorship, is $50,000 USD, hosted by Kambria with the partnership of pioneering tech firms such as FPT Software, Oraichain, OhmniLabs, NGO partner Kidspire and AICovidVN.

Our KO Hackathon II is accompanied by two prestigious international partners, KKFund and Audacity in the role of Incubation Partners, who are working with Kambria to connect teams of developers with potential projects and startups.

Not only is it a practical playground for science and technology, but the competition also aims to develop further in the long run toward building up Kambria Open Innovation Ecosystem where everyone can research, build and contribute more to society utilizing advanced tech solutions. 

🚩🚩Furthermore, Kambria also calls upon more teams of developers to join us in ​​Kambria NFT IP Program – the next stage after Hackathon that enables innovators to license, monetize, and protect their intellectual property. 

NFT IP program will provide greater transparency and liquidity as well as maximize your patent utility as a business asset. By tokenizing patents, your IPs would be more cost-efficient to license, and most importantly it allows you to control your work and get properly paid.

Developers, data scientists, and problem solvers, who have created unique technology solutions, are highly encouraged to be a part of Kambria to make a demonstrable difference targeting pressing problems in society.

With Kambria, you are the driving force for the dynamics of innovation. You will be working together with us through a collaborative and open platform to strengthen the power of communities.

Your solutions will be exposed to the globe through Kambria platform and connected to our resourceful network of investors, who contribute to delivering on the vast potential of technology for communities.


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