Hey, hey, hey, Kambrians! As promised, our Open Innovation Hub Program launches today with a soft opening of our Silicon Valley location. We’re putting the final touches on the space, getting it all organized and arranged in order to accommodate co-working, workshops, and events for our local community members. Kambria’s Open Innovation Hub is an integral part of our strategy for building a vibrant, integrated ecosystem around the world so we’re very excited to begin!

There’s no shortage of comfortable places to sit.
Workstations will be used for workshop and prototyping.

Interested in Hosting an Event at the Hub?

It’s shaping up nicely, wouldn’t you say? We look forward to welcoming you and/or your group. You’ll be able to host events here, reserve the space for education training, and utilize 3D prototyping services. Reach out via email or through our Telegram Channel to discuss!

Hub Contact Email: social@kambria.io

TomoChain Mainnet Meetup on February 12th

Mark your calendar! We will host our first event at our Silicon Valley Hub on February 12th in conjunction with our esteemed partner, TomoChain. After two years of pursuing the goal of building a unique blockchain infrastructure, TomoChain reached one of its most critical milestones last December — its Mainnet launch.

Please join us for the TomoChain Silicon Valley Meetup, the fifth meetup in the TomoChain Global Mainnet Launch Series hosted by local TomoChain community members and friends such as Kambria in multiple cities. The meetup is where blockchain believers and TomoChain fans gather to keep themselves updated about the project and network.

If you’re in or near Silicon Valley, we’d love to meet you! Please click here to RSVP.

About TomoChain

TomoChain is an innovative solution to scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain, and other blockchain platforms. TomoChain features a 150-Masternodes architecture with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus for near-zero fee, and instant transaction confirmation. TomoChain is an ideal scalable smart-contract public blockchain for decentralized apps, token issuance and token integration for small and big businesses. Learn more here: https://tomochain.com/

If you’re looking for an innovative space in which to host your event, please contact us! We would be delighted to discuss the details of your event whether it be a training session, seminar, or workshop.

Hub Contact Email: social@kambria.io

The Kambria Team

Email: info@kambria.io

KAT is a token used on the Kambria platform.

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