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Hello Kambrians and Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Here’s our Weekly Progress Report with a summary of what’s been happening here at Kambria this week in case you missed it.

KDNA and its Application in Karma Distribution

We are #BUIDLing! Kambria’s development team just completed its most recent technical paper. Authored by Fullstack Team Leader, Phong Vu, the paper discusses how Karma will be distributed based on source code contributions to KDNA. KDNA is the Kambria platform’s semantically rich module management and build system. It crosses hardware, firmware, software, electrical, and mechanical boundaries to directly specify all components and subcomponents of a built robot.

To learn more about KDNA, click here: http://bit.ly/2Xo8jIb

Horasis Global Meeting 2019

We are always looking to expand on the relationships we create, which is why we try to attend as many events as we can. Last week, Thuc Vu, CEO of Kambria, was invited to speak on a panel discussion in Portugal at the Horasis Global Meeting. The discussion was on “Robots with a Conscience,” and we met with global and political leaders from across the globe to discuss important ethical principles within robotics and A.I. We got some great photos too! Learn more on our blog at: https://blog.kambria.io/horasis-global-meeting-2019/

Women in Robotics Event

Recently, we announced that we joined the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world: Silicon Valley Robotics. And this past Tuesday, we hosted SVR for one of their regular “Women in Robotics” events at our Open Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley. The event focused on Kambria’s lean manufacturing techniques and included a tour of our 3D printing lab.

In attendance was Andra Keay, founder of SVR, and one of the most well-connected people in the robotics space, who was really impressed with what she saw! We look forward to hosting more events with SVR and Women in Robotics again soon.

TomoChain Hackathon Powered by Kambria

This weekend in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Kambria partnered with TomoChain and Alpha Blockchain to host a hackathon called “Building Blockchain Dapps on TomoChain, Powered by Kambria.” It was great to showcase to developers how the Kambria platform is used to form teams and submit projects in a hackathon.

And we are pleased to report about the teams that took home the top two prizes for the Dapps they developed during the hackathon.

The first prize was awarded to the team with the project TrExam to ensure integrity in exam results. And the second prize was awarded to the Nairbmak team who created a Dapp to address adverse drug reactions using the token economy model.

If you’re inspired to enter a hackathon yourself, please stay tuned as we roll out more details about the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge, a hackathon series that is part of the Kambria Global Grand Challenge kicking off this April!

Thanks for reading our weekly progress report!

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