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You asked, we listened. The time has come to open the Kambria Swap tool from BEP2 to ERC-20. To assist you to swap back your BEP2 KAT over to the Ethereum blockchain, we’ve created this handy tutorial for you to follow. 

What you will need:

  • MetaMask or any other ERC-20 KAT compatible wallet. For a full list of supported wallets, click “Connect your wallet” in the top-right corner menu of the Kambria App.
  • Access to the BEP2 wallet where your KAT-7BB is currently being stored.
  • Enough Ethereum and BNB in your wallets to cover transaction fees.
  • Around 15 minutes of your time, depending on network congestion.

Step 1: Deposit

Please visit token.kambria.io, and login to your Kambria account. If you have not already created an account, you can create one here. 

After you have logged in, you will need to connect your BEP2 wallet to the Kambria App. You have a variety of wallet options to choose from. Select the wallet that holds your KAT-7BB and connect it accordingly.

Next, copy and paste the Ethereum address from the wallet that you are going to use to receive your KAT, and click “Confirm.”

This will populate the field in section 2 which contains the Binance address in which you will be sending your KAT-7BB to. At this point, you will input the number of KAT you wish to swap. 

Please note that you are only eligible to swap one time. We encourage you to swap all of your tokens at once, as this will be the only opportunity to do so. After you have input the amount of your swap, click “Deposit.”

Follow the prompts from your wallet and confirm the transaction to send your KAT-7BB to our automated system. The swap progress will be indicated in section 3. After the transaction confirms on the Binance blockchain, you can continue on to Step 2 by clicking the URL under section 3 that says “Redeem.”

Step 2: Redeem your ERC-20 KAT

Now that you are on the KAT Redemption screen, you should see section 1’s information completely populated for you. At this point, you will need to disconnect your Binance wallet, and connect to the wallet that you are going to receive your ERC-20 KAT. This wallet should be the same wallet that you provided into the Ethereum field from the previous step. After you disconnect from your Binance wallet and connect to your Ethereum wallet, sections 1 and 2 should be completely populated and pass code validation without errors. 

If your screen looks similar to the image above, with passing code validation, click “Redeem” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. If the swap tool did not populate the information in section 1, or you have errors in the code validation section, please ensure that you followed all of the steps of this tutorial exactly. If you have any problems, reach out to us on Telegram. Happy swapping!



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