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Kambria is pleased to announce that Bholdus will join us as a Challenge Sponsor in the Starter Program I (2021) which is about to open in mid December!

This is our second cooperation with Bholdus in less than six months, and it will be a much broader and comprehensive partnership: through Kambria’s open innovation platform, Bholdus will explore to run an interesting series of Challenges such as Empathetic Experiences in AR/VR or Multi-chain GameFi in order to find for themselves the most breakthrough technology solutions, thereby establishing the foundation for their Megaproject: Metaxus Labs – One-Stop Hub for Game Finance and Metaverse Finance. Metaxus aims to promote the development of GameFi / Metaverse projects on Bholdus multi-chain to build real-world value from fundamental metaverse economics.

For Kambria, these Challenges are not only new, audacious but also humane, in order to solve practical problems and bring immense value to the community. Of course, this is also an opportunity for Bholdus to gain outstanding advantages in technology, affirm its corporate position and create tremendous commercial values across the globe, given the fact that the trends of Metaverse, NFT, GameFI are hotter than ever.

We are all excited and ready, how about you? Are you among the talented developers? Are you qualified to create cutting-edge technology solutions? Starter Program is a playground for you and your teammates to shine and claim your true values. With Bholdus Challenge of Metaverse AR/VR and Kambria Challenge of NFT IP Marketplace, glory and prizes with a total value of 45,000 USD are waiting for you!

About Bholdus

Bholdus is a blockchain project aiming for digitizing (NFT) assets of qualified businesses in Southeast Asia, and emerging economies, expected to launch their Mainnet at the end of Q4/2021 to connect emerging markets’ qualified businesses with financing opportunities from crypto investors.

To learn more about Bholdus, please visit their website:

About Kambria & Starter Program

Kambria is an open innovation platform that enables and incentivizes collaborations in the  R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization of advanced technology. With Kambria, we are changing the dynamics of innovation through collaboration and an open platform, where developing strong communities is a key component.

Kambria Starter is an end-to-end 6-month program to create the inter-connection between developers community and businesses. 

By joining the program, businesses could save time, efforts and resources in developing the solution for their real-world challenges. Businesses will offer the challenge topics, and Kambria Starter Program will help you find the best talents in deep-tech developing community to generate the best possible outcomes.

More details about this program: https://rb.gy/fn4uyc

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