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We are looking for partners to join us in our newest initiative: Kambria Starter Program.

The purpose of Kambria Starter Program is to create multi- interconnections between developer community, businesses, and NGOs tackling real-world problems through Proof of Concept/Minimum Viable Products – The very first step to the complete Open Innovation Ecosystem.

Kambria Starter Program IN-A-NUT-SHELL:

Kambria Starter Program brings together companies and innovators to develop deep tech solutions starting with Solution Challenges on our platform.
Kambria’s open innovation platform contains protocols uniquely designed with crypto-economics and game theory to incentivize collaboration.
The platform supports Kambria’s full breadth of open innovation services. All are managed through our platform with interactions seamlessly facilitated by the KAT/KYTE tokens.
Drawing inspiration from other widely popular open-source operating systems like Linux and Android, Kambria open innovation model aims to build up a repository of modular hardware and software components, to maximize reusability and collaboration during development.
More details about Kambria Starter Program: https://rb.gy/fn4uyc

Partners will be getting Kambria challenge service of an End-to-End 06-month program

  • To call upon the best talents in deeptech developing community together
  • To bring about the best challenges from the real-world corps, firms, NGOs…
  • To mold teams into potentials startups
  • To generate the best possible outcomes toward challenges: PoCs, MVPs for various use cases.
  • To secure the future of collective works by:
    + International incubation program 
    + Commercialization/Investment connecting program


  1. R&D Institutes and Businesses looking for PoCs or recruiting talents
  2. NGOs, NPOs looking for creating social impact.
  3. Any organizations that are interested in fostering innovation.

Let’s be a part of Kambria Starter Program as our sponsors and build up our Open Innovation Ecosystem together.



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