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Great news! This week we released our tentative token disablement schedule. On Monday, December 23rd at 8PM PST (UTC-8), we will send 100 million KAT tokens to a burn address where they will be permanently disabled and no longer part of our supply. This marks the first of a total of 1.2 billion KAT to be disabled over the next year. For more information on our token disablement program, please read our Token Supply Update article

Kambria Progress Report -- December 2019, Part 2 Token DisablementMoving forward, we will burn the remaining 1.1 billion KAT in quarterly increments throughout 2020. To remain completely transparent, we will announce the dates and amounts of each disablement in advance. We look forward to the coming year, as we continue to implement new strategies to strengthen our token economy and developer communities. For more information on how we plan to improve the Kambria Platform, and what we plan to do over the next year, please review the Kambria Roadmap.

Community Rewards Released!

This week we released the rewards for our VietAI Summit 2019 contests, as well as our most recent AMA rewards with Atomic Wallet. If you took part in these contests, be sure to check your wallets for your rewards. Don’t spend all your KAT on one robot! 

Kambria Resource Library

The Kambria Resource Library is growing! Did you know the Library contains all of the presentations given at VietAI Summit 2019? We continue to provide summaries of each presentation — see the links below. But if you want to dive into more details, access the Kambria Resource Library — it is FREE to community members who own KAT tokens. Simply register for the Kambria platform by clicking “Login/Register” in the top right-hand side of the screen. Then choose “Library” to access materials. 

Infusing AI into Radiology and Medical Diagnostics

Kambria Progress Report -- December 2019, Part 2

As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Hung Truong, CEO of VinBrain, gave a presentation about the challenges and solutions to infusing AI into radiology and medical diagnostics.

The mission of VinBrain is to infuse AI into medicine and medical image diagnostics. In this talk, we will purposely share to audience challenges in this problem space in terms of data and knowledge bias by hospital, unbalanced and complexity in labeling medical images while generalization of machine learning model is important for a successful AI product.

AI-Assisted Diagnosis System in Ophthalmology

AI for ophthalmology VietAI Summit

Thanks to Hoa Nguyen’s presentation, it is easy to see the way AI complements ophthalmology! As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Hoa gave a presentation about an AI-Assisted Diagnosis System in Ophthalmology developed by her team at Cao Thang Eye Hospital in Vietnam. Learn about this exciting new field of AI for healthcare that can better help doctors identify disease and help patients recover early.

The Case for AI Research in Vietnam

VietAI Summit The Case for AI Research in Vietnam

We were thrilled to hear from Dr. Hung Bui, Director of VinAI Research, the first AI research lab in Vietnam to focus on fundamental AI research in Vietnam at the VietAI Summit. In his presentation, Dr. Bui shared how VinAI can conduct high-impact research that pushes the boundary of frontier technology to accelerate the application of AI in Vietnam and discussed current research topics such as:

  • Image captioning with personality
  • A dataset for activities in Vietnam’s streets
  • Trash detection on Hanoi streets
  • Biometrics and Face Recognition
  • Image segmentation for medical images

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