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Kambria Progress Report -- August 2019 Part I


What an incredible couple of weeks we’ve had here at Kambria with the culmination of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge. After months of preparation, execution, mentoring and collaboration, Kambria hosted the Grand Finale of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology this week! A total of 12 teams competed in the Grand Finale, demonstrating their concept of the Ultimate AI Virtual Assistant during the AI4VN National Artificial Intelligence Festival. 

We are so proud of all of the teams and the hard work and creativity they demonstrated throughout this series of events. 

Our media partner, VNExpress, captured the entire Grand Finale on video. Below is a link to the replay for you to enjoy.


[Trực tiếp] – NGÀY HỘI TRÍ TUỆ NHÂN TẠO VIỆT NAM – AI4VN SUMMIT 2019Chương trình Ngày hội Trí tuệ nhân tạo (AI4VN) diễn ra tại trường Đại học Bách Khoa Hà Nội, số 1 Đại Cồ Việt, quận Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội từ 15 – 16/8. Sự kiện được tổ chức bởi Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ, Bộ kế hoạch và Đầu tư, trường Đại học Bách Khoa cùng báo điện tử VnExpress.netNgày hội Trí tuệ nhân tạo Việt Nam có sự đồng hành của FPT, Viettel, VietinBank, VNPT, VIB, VinGroup, VNPost. Ngoài ra, chương trình cũng nhận được sự phối hợp từ các đơn vị Five9, Misa, SmartOCR, dinogo, FastGo, Topica, Kambria, VietAI, BKHoldings, Netnam.➡ Theo dõi sự kiện tại đây: bit.ly/32MlXZ8#AI4VN #VnExpress

Posted by VnExpress.net on Friday, August 16, 2019


Winning Teams!

Grand Prize Winner of $10,000

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Grand Prize Winner YourngGRD

Team YoungGRD — Linguistics Education AI Virtual Assistant

  • Generates English learning materials from news articles
  • Crawls the latest English news articles from various sources
  • Generates sets of reading comprehension and grammar tests from materials
  • Bases questions on user’s skill level
  • Provides immediate feedback
  • Tools used — NLP, Recommendations

First Runner Up Prize of  $4000

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge First Runner Up Voicebot

Team Voicebot — Retail Support Assistant

  • Smart virtual switchboard for retail chains
  • Automatically interacts with customer by voice
  • Receives orders and questions from customers
  • Automatically provides customer service
  • Calls each customer to get product and service feedback

Tools used — Speech recognition (speech-to-text) and Speech synthesis (text-to-speech)

Second Runner Up Prize of $2000

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge Second Runner Up Father Life

Team FatherLife — Healthcare Monitoring for the Elderly

  • AI Chatbot used to identify people and their emotions through the camera
  • Check whether the user has done exercises correctly
  • Loads and displays camera from Ohmni Robot
  • Tools used — TFlearn – Assessing exercises – assess posture (right or wrong) and count the number of exercises; tfpose and SVM – identifies human skeleton to classify correct posture; Google Cloud Server, Tornado, and webRTC

Champion of the National Grand Finale Prize of $5000

Vietnam AI Grand Challenge National Grand Finale Champion

In addition, team Voicebot was chosen as the Champion of the National Grand Finale, organized by Kambria, Topica, Ministry of Planning and Investment, and Ministry of Science and Technology. During the National Grand Finale, 8 teams from Vietnam AI Grand Challenge (organized by Kambria) and AI4VN National Hackathon (organized by Topica) competed with each other for the Championship

Kambria AI Incubation Program

Prior to the Grand Finale, winning teams from the preliminary rounds participated in the Kambria AI Incubation Program. The incubation program provided development support to each project through mentoring by AI experts. Other benefits if the Incubation Program included:

🔸$3,000 in AWS credits

🔸1 million VND gift voucher at Highlands Coffee

🔸Elsa Speak Pro 1-year accounts for all team members

🔸A space at Kambria, DNES, Cinnamon AI, UP Coworking Space

🔸2 mentoring sessions with AI experts

🔸2+ meetings with corporate partners 

🔸2 online coaching sessions geared towards pitching products

🔸3-4 technical workshops

🔸Exclusive access to the Facebook group Kambria AI Incubation Program

🔸Airfares & accommodations in Hanoi for the Grand Finale

Grand Challenge Community Voting

Vietnam Ai Grand Challenge Finalist graphic

Kambria sends a huge thanks to our community members for supporting our Grand Challenge teams every step of the way. We conducted two rounds of Community Voting. 

Each Kambrian who voted for the winning Grand Finale team will be entered into a random prize draw. And 5 lucky Kambrians will be chosen to win the following prizes:

First Prize Winner: 40% of KAT in Prize Pool + $500 worth of KAT

Second Prize Winner: 30% of KAT in Prize Pool + $200 worth of KAT

3 x Third Prize Winners: 3 x (10% of KAT in Prize Pool + $100 worth of KAT)

Please stay tuned for the announcement of winners!

Team Summaries

Each team who participated is a winner! Here are summaries of the rest of the team competing in the Grand Finale. This is not the end for many of these projects — only the beginning!

Team FamTech — Retail Online Support Assistant

  • Automatically collects product information
  • Advises users on product selection based on their needs
  • Generates succinct reports and reviews for products from popular platforms
  • Searches nearest store with products in stock
  • AI voice chat/conversation support
  • Tools used — Rasa chatbot framework, No-SQL Mongo Database, Laravel framework

Team Bookworm — Retail Backend Support Assistant

  • Auto generates leads via search and social media algorithms
  • Auto connects leads to staff via SMS & e-mail with integrated AI chatbot
  • AI chatbot auto introduces the products & manages ordering process
  • Tools used: AWS Amplify, S3, Cloudfront, DynamoDB, SNS, Java & webdriver, FPT OpenAI, Rasa Core, NodeJS, ReactJS

Team DTUCSE — Retail Customer Support Assistant

  • Identifies customers and their emotions
  • Communicates and interacts with customer
  • Recommends suitable products
  • Provides customer support & locates products by voice
  • Tools using — Convolutional neural networks (Alexnet), Cosine Similarity (data mining), Google API, Deep Speech, NLP (Simple neural network)

Team FTech — Retail Customer Support Assistant

  • Identifies gender and age of customers
  • Recommends suitable products
  • Provides customer support
  • Tools used — Facial detection & recognition, gender & age classification, AI Chatbot, recommendation system

Team HOPE — Elderly Care AI Virtual Assistant

  • Gathers image data from a camera
  • Real-time object detection detects when a person has fallen down
  • Warns relatives and first-responders with a video of the event
  • Tools used — Object (human) detection: detects movement vectors of falling persons, computer vision

Team Antimatlab — Social impact AI to prevent & stop harassment and attacks

  • Automatic detection of harassment behaviors in elevators and workspaces
  • Automatic intervention (sirens) to interrupt and prevent continued behavior
  • Alerts building managers of an incident
  • Tools used — Computer vision: SNN + LSTM for realtime video processing, Flask, PostgreSQL, & Firebase

Team Hydra — Healthcare assistant

  • Assists parents in taking care of their child
  • Monitors children’s health
  • Tools used — Voice recognition, Vietnamese NLP, Data processing, machine learning, deep learning, Mobile app, web app, and API programming

Team tobtob — Fastfood Chatbot

  • Order food and beverages at restaurants and hotels over a chatbot.
  • Supports human-like interaction through images, voice, and complex dialogue.
  • Technology used — NLP and Vision

Team Code_for_Food — Food and Beverage Voicebot

  • Order food and beverages over a voicebot
  • Save list of dishes, users and order information (including updating the total amount in the order) to the database
  • Allow users and admins to delete dishes already ordered through the web interface.
  • Technology used — Chatbot Framework: Rasa Vel Google DialogFlow, Database: MySQL, Web application: Flask Framework with Python


Kambria Content Challenge

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Kambria Content Challenge! Based on feedback from our community, we are extending the submission deadline to August 31st. If you were meaning to submit an article but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, this is your chance! 

🔹Grand Prize: $200 + 20,000 KAT

🔹Runner-Up: $150 + 15,000 KAT

Please note: even if your article does not win one of our prizes, it may still be eligible for publication on our blog. Any articles of at least 1000 words that our Content Team selects for publication on our blog will receive 15,000 KAT. 

For more details and a full explanation of the Kambria Content Challenge, please visit the Content Challenge bounty page


Kambria Token Bonus Swap Event

Kambria is now offering our community special incentives to swap ERC20 KAT for BEP2 KAT-7BB. Starting now, you can enjoy an additional 10% increase to your swapped KAT. We encourage you to swap your KAT to take advantage of the many benefits that Binance Chain offers, including access to fair and open trading on the world’s best decentralized exchange, Binance DEX

The bonus will apply retroactively to all previously swapped tokens. If this applies to you, kindly fill out this form: https://forms.gle/iUdi7sjpVhmjWNfc6

Bonus offer ends October 15th at 8PM PST (UTC-8). For complete details, please visit the official announcement by clicking here


In support of the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge and our Content Challenge, Kambria continues to develop useful articles and resources for our community. Take a look at the new tech articles we published these past two weeks.

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The Transformative Power of AI for Banking

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These 5 Open Systems are Wildly Successful

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Kambria Progress Report August 2019 AMA with Thuc Vu

To celebrate our listing on Binance DEX, Kambria’s very own Dr. Thuc Vu has been invited for an exclusive AMA on the Binance DEX Telegram Channel. We will be unveiling additional strategies for continual growth and incentives for our token holders, so be sure to tune in. You are not going to want to miss this. There will be a $5,000 giveaway, so we’ll see you there? 

Date: August 20th

Time: 10 PM UTC+7

Prizes: $5,000 in KAT-7BB

Where: Binance DEX Telegram channel: http://t.me/binanceDEXchange

We hope you can attend! We always love hearing from you. 



Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributing more to society.

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