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We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Kambria Program — one-on-one, online mentoring that connects startups and teams working in advanced technology fields with experienced entrepreneurs and tech experts. Through the program, we aim to accelerate Vietnam’s advanced technology ecosystem and develop leading projects for global impact. 

How does it work?

Team owners will use KAT token to bid for a one-hour online mentoring session with a mentor. The bidding system is not intended to maximize the highest bid, but to enhance the dedication of teams in the mentoring program.

Teams who join KOMP will have direct access to successful entrepreneurs with exceptional experience in the innovation process and product development. Mentors provide teams with a unique perspective and advice in the most critical phase of their development. 

Further your knowledge, expand your skills, and take advantage of their experience to position your team for the highest probability of success.

How to Apply

  1. Team owners need to register their team first.
  2. Team owners invite team members to the project.
  3. Complete your team and team member profiles.

Register now: http://bit.ly/Kambria-Online-Mentoring

After team registration, Kambria reviews team profiles, team applications and invites qualified teams to bid for a one-hour, online mentoring session with a KOMP mentor. Team owners will use KAT token to bid. Bidding starts at the number of KAT that is equivalent to $50. You can bid for both mentors.

After bidding closes, each mentor will select a team from the three highest bidders in their respective session. Kambria will connect mentors with mentees and organize the online mentoring sessions. During the mentoring session, mentees discuss their project and what they need help with.

🔹Karma and Credits For Participants

Participants who participate in KOMP will receive both Kambria Credits and Karma. Karma is a non-exchangeable ledger value that is used to track the contributions made to the Kambria ecosystem, and is used to proportionally distribute dividends to our users. Kambria Credit is a point rewards program that can be used to pay for services on the Kambria platform. To learn more about Kambria Credits and Karma, please visit our website at: https://app.kambria.io/faq

KAT is a token used on the Kambria Platform: the world’s first blockchain-empowered, open-source robotics and AI ecosystem.


Kambria Community Manager. As a cryptocurrency specialist and content creator, my goal is to effectively communicate the team's milestones, goals, announcements, and accomplishments, as well as to engage our awesome community in a meaningful way. I truly believe in the power of open collaboration and true innovation, and I can't wait to see what we can build together.