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Earlier this month, Kambria joined a special boot-camp focused on accelerating hand-picked and exceptional startup companies. #Outliers Bootcamp at GIX in Seattle on March 2nd and 3rd was a huge success! Not only have we returned with polarizing new insights, but we have made some incredible connections along the way. Having met with the #Outliers team in our Silicon Valley office, we have been excited about cultivating this relationship further as they are a highly passionate and talented team of blockchain entrepreneurs with impressive backgrounds in technology, economics, and AI.

To the drawing board!

Over the course of the last year, #Outliers interviewed over 160 companies and selected only 10 companies to join the #Outliers accelerator program. Kambria is thrilled to be among those 10 companies. Dian Jiao, Operations Director for #Outliers and also has a PhD in economics, rated companies on a five-point criteria system, and Kambria came out on the top of her list! We are humbled to take such a high position, as this team of young entrepreneurs have a keen eye for ambitious and successful projects. We are flattered to be recognized among their favorites.

Offering 30 strategic services, #Outliers has a variety of beneficial programs to offer Kambria as we continue to develop the platform and deliver on the Kambria Master Plan. At no cost to the projects themselves, they have delivered on customized works for some of the biggest names in the blockchain and AI space, including Beenest, Contents Protocol, Harmony, ePluribus, IdeaFlow, Poseidon Network, Quantstamp, StableUnit, and XYO. We will utilize #Outliers’ specialized network of connections for the promotion and growth of the Kambria Platform. The mentors Kambria will have access to have relationships with Google, Amazon, Verizon, and Unity, as well as many of the robotics company founders in China. Additional ways that #Outliers will provide support are:

  • User Adoption: developers, researchers, and universities who can contribute their works to the Open Innovation Platform
  • Contents Library: training for both software and hardware
  • Partnerships: to source/refer mentors, ambassadors, or corporations in the field of robotics/AI
Tingxi Tan — CPO of Kambria

The #Outliers Bootcamp took place at GIX Seattle, and the purpose of the event was to connect startups with other founders, mentors, and partners. The event featured several of the brightest minds from MIT, and focused on three types of mentorship programs: “Super Connectors,” “Successful Entrepreneurs,” and “Technical Experts.” These high-level mentors are able to connect Kambria with valuable resources, companies and people, offer valuable business insights, and technical expertise in AI, robotics, and blockchain technologies. The mentor that personally selected Kambria is the president of the Dragonchain Academy, Sieng Van Tram. We are so excited to be working with Sieng and Dragonchain. As some of the most recognizable names in the space, they have a great deal of highly valuable insights, providing a great deal of value to our project as we position ourselves to deliver above and beyond the Master Business Plan. As we progress towards launching the Kambria Open Innovation Platform, we will utilize Sieng’s valuable expertise to aid in what is sure to be a successful launch of our core products to the market.

#Outliers Bootcamp

MIT also has a strong presence within #Outliers, with several of its mentors and cohorts being active participants in the accelerator program. Jacob Cole is a core contributor to some open source knowledge bases such as IdeaFlowAdmitsphere from MIT CSAIL, and Decentralized Information Group, who is advised by Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of WWW) and invested by Joi Ito and Tim ArmstrongYen Yeh is a battery expert from MIT Materials Science and Engineering, Sadoway Extreme Electrochemistry Group who worked at Tesla and Apple’s battery team and sold a startup to these companies. Poseidon Ho, managing partner of #Outliers was a visiting research assistant at MIT Media Lab, Civic Media Group & City Science Group, doing some research on AR and ant colonies.

“Call them crazy or pioneering? Call them day-dreaming or visionary? We are looking for minorities that will change the lives of the majority” -Poseidon Ho, Managing Partner of #Outliers

Photos of #Outliers Seattle Bootcam

In all, we had an incredible experience at our first event with the group in Seattle, and we look forward to the next event in Boston at MIT on September 22nd, 2019! This event will be focused on exposure, partnerships, and user adoption. We will also be publishing an exclusive interview from #Outliers in the near future. There were a number of incredible projects in attendance as well. We had a great time getting to know them all. We’d like to thank #Outliers for their incredible support, and we’ll see you in September!

For more information about Kambria’s partnership with #Outliers, please visit the announcement page here.

For more information on #Outliers Acceleration Program, please visit their website: https://hashoutliers.com

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