Dear Community,

We are excited to be the very first project to be reviewed and supported by the Midas Foundation and its Pioneers. This is the next step in strengthening our strategic partnership between Midas and Kambria.

Midas Foundation is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization that runs on a web-based platform. It aims to kickstart potential frontier technology projects, provide reliable information and validate projects according to Global Transparency Alliance Framework. Midas Foundation is dedicated to bring the most of benefits and rewards to Midas Pioneers & Midasians as well as to grow and protect their investments in Midas Ecosystem. The ultimate objective of Midas Foundation is to innovate in such a way that it can provide passive income and smart investment opportunities to the Pioneers through rewards/airdrops from those projects that are supported by the Foundation.

Experts from the Midas Foundation have voted internally and given a Positive Status consensus on our project, Kambria. As such, Kambria will advance to the second round of voting by Midas Pioneers.

Please check out for more information and vote for us there. Thanks for your support.

Happy Voting, Midas Pioneers!

The Kambria Team

Disclaimer: Kambria’s partnerships do not imply endorsement of a project. Please take the necessary precautions and judgment when deciding to invest in projects.


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