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We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Bitzantin and Kambria!

Bitzantin is the first and the biggest blockchain community incubator in Taipei, Taiwan. Their strong community-incubating network enables them to assist blockchain startup companies in building fully-developed communities to support their projects. They have created a tangible community space to give members convenient and easy access to the field of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency.

Kambria is an open innovation platform that enables and incentivizes collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and commercializing of advanced technology. With Kambria, we are changing the dynamics of innovation through collaboration and open source, where developing strong communities is a key component.

“Bitzantin will be valuable in helping Kambria build out the community in Taiwan, and get exposure to blockchain and crypto media. At Kambria, we look forward to a long-term collaboration with Bitzantin, and a strong connection with our Taiwanese community.” — Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO of Kambria, commented.

The Kambria Team

Disclaimer: Kambria’s partnerships do not imply endorsement of a project. Please take the necessary precautions and judgment when deciding to invest in projects.


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