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This week, exploring the future of home care, the Ohmni robot delighted attendees of the National Association for Home Care and Hospice’s annual conference. In addition to seeing and learning about all the latest technical and managerial solutions for home health, agency owners of large and small companies from around the US saw how Ohmni can create home healthcare efficiencies by enabling workers to remotely visit their clients — instantly!

With this new robotic tool, home care businesses support more patients and improve outcomes by getting health workers to the home quicker and at lower cost. Companies offering private duty services (for example — checking on your elderly mother who lives far away) quickly recognized how Ohmni can enable a whole new range of revenue generating services that can be offered frequently with little additional overhead.

With Kambria, we’ll come together as investors, innovators, manufacturers and more to potentially develop arms for Ohmni that can do all sorts of useful stuff, like: deliver patients their medications on time, prepare their meals, fold their laundry, and one day even help them in and out of the bath. All with the same bot that makes it easier for you to stay connected and close even if you’re halfway around the world.

The ideal outcome in health care, for the elderly or otherwise, is to facilitate rapid healing and maximize independent living. For that, programmatic solutions are required. AI can play a significant role in this, and we hope to see bold innovations from Kambria on this front as well. Programs that keep our loves ones engaged and stimulated, not just waited on hand and foot (though that’s nice, too).

It’s anyone’s guess what the future holds for healthcare, home care, and rehabilitation. With Kambria, we can stop guessing and start building.

What are the most important/exciting things you can see robotics doing to improve quality of life in the home care industry? Drop into the comments 👇🏼 and join the conversation on Telegram, Twitter @kambrianetwork, or facebook.

-Damo (Community Manager) & The Kambria Team


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