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Greetings, Kambrians!

The Social Impact Innovation Alliance is growing! Get ready to high-five some incredible new members joining the Social Impact Innovation Alliance. These folks harness innovation like it's their superpower, all for the greater good. Meet the Alliance and join the movement here: Link.

To new members: Kambria is an open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT…) with the mission to shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributes more to society. 

One of our initiatives is Kambria DAOs, a way for the community to co-own technology. We are launching 4 DAOs:
- Pet Care Robot DAO as a Tech Savvy Community Takes Care Of Pets
- Ocean Cleanup Robot DAO to Accelerate Towards The Circular Economy
- Mine Clearing Robot DAO as a Community Action to Heal the Earth
- Underwater Conservation Robot DAO to Embark on Marine Life Monitoring and Conservation

Today, we are delighted to welcome five new members to our Social Impact Innovation Alliance: E-DUcognitive, RSThelabel, Beehane, and The Football Foundation for Africa (FFA)

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About E-DUcognitive

E-DUcognitive is a transformative digital learning platform designed to address the scarcity of educational resources for marginalized STEM students in the Philippines. 

Their initiative aims to foster inclusivity, diversity, and metacognitive learning strategies in Science and Mathematics, providing accessible training to empower students and elevate the country's standing in international assessments.

About RSThelabel

RSThelabel is where fashion meets sustainability in a harmonious blend of style and conscientious living. Their passion lies in crafting fashion that not only looks good but also aligns with the values of mindful consumption and environmental responsibility. At RSThelabel, they are dedicated to weaving a narrative of sustainability into every garment they create.

Their core values: 

  • Material Eco-Friendly
  • Ironless
  • Unique, Everlasting
  • Waste Fabric Management
  • Responsible and Ethical Production

About Beehane

Beehane LLC is an advisory firm for global businesses and investment groups. Their direct access to a wide network of technical and creative talent, founders, public decision-makers, and other local partners offer our clients an unmatched view into the realities of doing business ethically in Africa and the SWANA region and access to hard-to-reach customer segments, and investment opportunities. As an African technology ecosystem builder, Beehane LLC also nurtures valuable relationships that enable the channelling of resources to areas with the most impact.

Beehane LLC serves as a launchpad for tech-enabled businesses with high standards of impact and sustainability.

Furthermore, Beehane LLC conducts consultancies on tech and sustainable innovation. 

They are actively involved in co-curating the festival in Morocco known as "The Gathering," featured on https://houseofbeautifulbusiness.com/the-gathering. If there is community interest, Beehane LLC can secure discounts for groups of participants.

About The Football Foundation for Africa (FFA)

The Football Foundation for Africa (FFA) is a social enterprise that seeks to drive investment in grassroots development in Africa, aiming to improve the quality of opportunities in football and through football on the continent. They also aim to protect the foundations of African football, namely youth, talent and passion, by promoting better governance of the beautiful game at all levels. 

FFA has three initiatives:

SIIA quick updates

We are in the process of organizing and getting ready for upcoming activities. While growing, we actively seek projects that resonate with our mission. Discussions are underway with potential member projects that align strongly with our goals. 

If you share our passion for social impact innovations and wish to join our mission, please fill out the Sign-Up Form.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements of new members!

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Kambria is the first decentralized open innovation platform for Deep Tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR…). Using our platform, anyone can collaborate in researching, developing and commercializing innovative ideas and get rewarded fairly for their contributions. Through partnerships with government agencies, top universities and leading companies, Kambria is dedicated to building a sustainable open innovation ecosystem to change the way we innovate and to accelerate advanced technology development and industry adoption. Together, let’s shape the future of technology where technology is open and contributes more to society.