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How is it going? Have you been waiting for Kambria’s August activities?

🚩🚩 Some highlights in July and exciting upcoming activities in this August 

🚩🚩 So far, Kambria has been getting more feedback from the community as we expand to reach more communities across the globe. Therefore, we need your support  KAMBASSADORS!

As a KAMBASSADOR you will be in charge of providing support/feedback and giving referrals for Kambria’s products and services. All KAMBASSADORs work together with Kambria’s customer support team to engage, re-share info across Kambria social media channels, and bring value to more people with Kambria’s spirit.

→ Sign up now to become our KAMBASSADOR:  https://rb.gy/8g6yq6

🚩🚩 Together with OhmniLabs, Kambria proudly presents “Pandemic Paintings” from the young, talented 14 year old Xeo Chu — Vietnam’s “Young Jackson Pollock” with 10 years of painting experience. 

Profit from all auctions of this exhibition will be dedicated to Medical University Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City to support frontline workers and hospital initiatives during the pandemic in Vietnam. 

This combination of art and technology enables virtual visits, allowing people to remotely walk through the exhibition, interact with artists, and connect to Xeo Chu even from miles away. Kambria is thrilled to foster innovative ideas like this one and to increase the visibility of Vietnamese art in the world. 

Stay tuned for more initiatives to come as we are completing our development phrase and ready to new changes for scalability.




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