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Kambria Global Innovation Fund
Back in January, we announced the launch of Kambria’s Global Innovation Fund with Lehigh University. The purpose of the Fund is to leverage our academic and corporate networks to globally match researchers looking for funding with companies interested in innovation. The first recipient of a Fund sponsorship was the CS capstone project at Lehigh University’s P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. Lehigh students have now integrated voice commands into Ohmni robots!
Fast forward just three months, and we’re thrilled to share the incredible progress Lehigh students have made using our open robotics platform. They successfully incorporated voice recognition into the Ohmni telepresence robot so that users can use voice commands to guide the robot to specific locations. This makes the robot even more useful in everyday life. Here’s a video with a Lehigh student using the voice commands.

Under the guidance of both Kambria engineers and Lehigh Computer Science Professor, Mooi Choo Chuah, students will continue to expand the robot’s capabilities throughout the year. Currently, the Senior Design Project Team is also working on real-time face detection and recognition. The system uses OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) in facial detection to calculate the boundaries of faces on each frame. And then TensorFlow Lite is used to generate face feature vectors. A single table SQLite database stores all users’ face feature vectors along with users’ names. There’s already been a lot of progress; we can’t wait to bring you the next update!
About the Global Innovation Fund
The Global Innovation Fund aims to change the antiquated grant application process and make R&D investment cross-border, scalable, and radically more efficient. Through the Fund, Kambria will leverage its academic and corporate networks to globally connect researchers looking for funding with companies seeking advanced technology resources. To learn more about the Kambria Global Innovation Fund or to discuss a potential project, please email info@kambria.io.
The Kambria Team
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